Gleycy Correia pays tribute as Miss Brazil dies at the age of 27.

Miss Brazil Gleycy Correia died on Monday, June 20, at the age of 27, from complications from routine tonsillectomy. Correia has been reported to have been in a coma for over two months after suffering a heart attack. A Macae resident was admitted to a private hospital on Monday but died.

Gleycy Correia had no brain activity and was in a coma.

The former beauty pageant winner was in a coma and had no brain activity, sources said. According to the publication, Gleycy Correia’s body was taken to the Macae Forensic Laboratory for an autopsy. Funeral and burial plans for Gleycy Correia are scheduled for Tuesday morning, June 21st. According to certain local websites, she was reported to have gathered on the day of her death.

    Glycy Correia
Credit: @gleycycorreia/Newsflash

What happened to Gleycy Correia that caused her death?

In 2018, Correia won the crown of Miss United Continental Brazil. Despite her poor start, she earned worldwide acclaim for her prosperous career. She was also a permanent makeup expert who could utilize tattoos to create permanent changes in her appearance that mimic the natural characteristics of her face or surrounding area. According to her statement, Gleycy Correia initially suffered heavy bleeding, followed by a heart attack. According to other reports, Correia had been home for nearly five days before the problem occurred.

“She had surgery to remove her tonsils and came back five days from home. She experienced bleeding.” Lydian Alves Oliveira, Correia’s family priest. She went on a uni-med last April 4 when she suffered a heart attack, after which she fell into a coma with no neurological activity. She died today.” Local public figure and clergyman Jak Abreu, who claims to have had contact with Gleycy Correia’s family, has posted several times on Instagram about her late beauty queen. In one video, Abreu said her family was convinced the hospital was involved in the ‘mistake’ that caused her death. These allegations may be one of the reasons for the autopsy of the late Brazilian entrepreneur and cosmetic artist.



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