Google Maps Street View is getting an upgrade to celebrate turning 15 years old.

Street View is celebrating its 15th anniversary, and to commemorate it, Google is updating its smartphone version of its features.

Starting today, boot the Street View app on your iPhone or Android smartphone and you’ll be able to look back through the Google Archives. Not installed? can be found in Google Play Store And Apple App Store

Start by dropping them where you want to see past versions, as if you were traveling back in time to Street View on your PC. Then find the pull-out menu bar at the bottom of the screen and you should see “Show more dates” at the top.

How to time travel using Street View on your smartphone (Image credit: Google Maps)

Click on it to scroll back to various viewpoints. However, be warned that for some places your options may be much more limited than others.

It all depends on how many times the Street View recording rig has passed that location. A small lane in the middle of the countryside can only pass once, while in a busy area you can go dozens of times.

Street View 15th Anniversary

You may not want to throw a birthday party, but there are other ways to celebrate Street View turning 15. In other words, you use it to explore great places.

you can visit The White House all decorated for Christmasor walk around Japan landmark with cherry blossoms in full bloom. For a more unique mode of transport, take a boat ride Thailand floating market; or dive great barrier reef.

Is the earth boring? travel to international space station.

You can also use the time travel feature to travel back in time. Some places are more documented than others, but many places have at least a few trips, so you can reminisce about the past.

Take a look back at how Street View has changed over the past 15 years. (Image credit: Google Maps)

If exploring aimlessly isn’t your style, why not challenge your geography skills in the game? geoguessr Instead of. This third-party website uses Google Maps Street View to place you at any point on Earth, but does not tell you your location.

It’s your job to guess exactly where you are in the world by using your geography and language skills to identify local landmarks, signs, flora and fauna. There is also a game mode where you can compete against other Geogussr players.

It may take some practice to get the hang of it, but here are some early game tips.

First of all, you can figure out which side of the road you are driving on and where the sun is relative to you. In the northern hemisphere the sun will be to your south, in the southern hemisphere it will be to your north. It is also convenient to wipe the flag and alphabet. You do not need to be fluent in Korean or Arabic, but it is helpful to know the alphabet.

You can also check out other cool Google Maps tricks. Here’s a guide that tells you about 5 things Google Maps can do. Once you’ve done this, check out the follow-up that explains the 5 hidden Google Maps features.

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