Google Pixel 6 users report all kinds of problems with official cases.

If you’re thinking of buying an official Google Pixel 6 phone case, we recommend that you reconsider for the time being as users are reporting some pretty serious issues with case quality. This includes sharp yellowing and warping, and some users claim that they don’t fit the phone out of the box.

The Verge (Opens in a new tab) Pixel 6 owners report that they are going to sites like Reddit and Amazon to share their dissatisfaction with the quality of the official case. Some of these posts sudden yellowing of the case (Opens in a new tab) Amazon review that made the case twisted (Opens in a new tab).

Worse, it’s a report on the incident. Doesn’t fit the phone at all (Opens in a new tab)There are also new products out of the box.

TechRadar’s staff writer Hamish Hector was no exception. As the owner of the official Google Pixel 6 phone case, he writes: “When I bought the Pixel 6, I also ordered the official case and have had both since the phone launched in late October of last year.

I have a black case and I don’t know if it’s turning yellow or picking up dust, but it’s definitely starting to warp where the power and volume buttons are. It doesn’t really matter now, but it’s definitely disappointing, especially since it’s made by the same person who made the phone.”

A bad case for a good phone

We were fans of the Pixel 6 in our review of Google’s latest flagship smartphone. It’s a pity that the official case didn’t reach the same level of quality, although the low price and good camera were cited as reasons for the purchase.

It’s disappointing, especially considering that the case isn’t cheap. It’s more expensive than unofficial cases that are much more rugged, like the Caseology Vault, which is included in our list of the best Google Pixel 6 cases you can buy for $30 / £25 / about AU$42.

Not all official Google Pixel 6 cases face the issues described above. But for the time being, we recommend that you exercise caution and opt for more reliable, informal practices. Wait for one of them or potentially Google to release an updated version.

However, as of now, there is no guarantee that the tech giant plans to release an updated case. However, I think Google should take this into account, especially since the official case includes the Google name and brand. As a company that’s not new to making high-quality products, we believe it’s in our best interest to address the current issues some Pixel 6 owners are experiencing with their official cases.

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