Google unveils AR glasses that could serve as examples for augmented reality

Google wraps up its I/O presentation with one surprise looking at the latest AR glasses. A key feature Google has introduced is the ability to see translated languages ​​right before your eyes, which seems like a very practical application for AR glasses. While much of Silicon Valley is investing heavily in making AR glasses a reality, no one has proposed a truly “killer” app for AR that can overlook the many privacy concerns inherent in the technology. Translating your voice in real time would definitely be a killer feature.

The company hasn’t shared details about when it will be available, only demonstrating how to interact with a recorded video or display that doesn’t actually show the display. However, what is shown in the video paints a very nice picture of a potential AR future.

In one demo, a Google product manager said to a person wearing glasses: Something like subtitles for the world.” A later video shows what you can see while wearing glasses. When the speaker is in front of you, the translated language appears in real-time in your field of view.

Here’s a “simulated perspective” you can see while wearing Google’s upcoming AR glasses.
Image: Google

We don’t know how well this will actually work until it becomes a real product we can try. But if Google’s vision comes true, it will be very useful. You can watch the video directly right here.

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