Gordon Ramsay Surprised As TikToker Cooks Food With Pringles Tubes

With TikTok offering literally all types of content, the latest content shocked TikToker’s video of Gordon Ramsay cooking with a jar of Pringle. No matter how much culinary content you’ve seen on TikTok. There’s something Gordon Ramsay made me think about. But why is TikToker’s video so popular with Ramsay’s reaction to it?

Read ahead to learn more about Gordon Ramsay and his reaction to TikToker’s video.

TikToker uses Pringle jars for cooking in viral video to go viral

If you’re an active user of TikTok, you’ve probably seen a lot of cooking videos. Some are riding word of mouth about hacking. While it’s strange and shocking to try. Well, it’s like a video from TikToker called “JimmyStewart59”. As Jimmy’s video went viral on the app like crazy.

@jimmystewart59 #Hagi Seed #🏴 ♬ Gordon Ramsay – HL WAVE & Johnny Flames

But if you think about why it is so fashionable, it is because of its unique cooking method. The video shows Jimmy using curling tongs and a jar of Pringle for cooking. That caused word of mouth on TikTok. And seeing that even Gordon Ramsay couldn’t control himself.

Gordon Ramsay Shocked by TikToker Jimmy’s video

Gordon Ramsay, his popular British chef, is posting videos of his culinary skills on social media. He also shares his talents or other users who cook anything he may like. His latest interest has been Jimmy’s videos. It went viral while Jimmy was cooking with a jar of Pringle and hair color tongs. In fact, he was seen collaborating in the video.

@gordonramsayofficial #duet @jimmystewart59 with Jimmy!!! I need a real fan! #ramsayreaction #tik tok cook ♬ Gordon Ramsay – HL WAVE & Johnny Flames

When Jimmy brings out his own unique things to cook. Gordon could be seen giving an audio commentary via Jimmy’s video. Meanwhile, everyone looked surprised at what Jimmy was doing. His reaction was always to stop Jimmy from doing what he was doing.

Users’ reactions to Jimmy’s viral video

Netizens were shocked by the video showing Jimmy’s unique recipe. Gordon couldn’t contain himself either. He also shared the video with Jimmy’s viral video.

Users who saw this were shocked. While many of them are confused. In fact, the combination made by Jimmy in the video attracted more attention. As everyone, including Gordon, told Jimmy not to have it.

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