GOT7’s King Jackson candidly talked about depression and Magic Man.

Jackson Wang, the king of GOT7, recently shared his experience with depression because he was not satisfied with his music activities.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Jackson Wang Confesses About Depression

Jackson Wang recently worked with Vogue to cover the story behind the Head in the Clouds Festival performance.

In an interview, the 28-year-old soloist said that he was never satisfied with the music work until his most recent album, MAGICMAN.

He said, ‘I’ve never been satisfied with myself no matter what I do in my life. And I think this album (MAGIC MAN) is good for the first time. I’ve never lived so vividly in my life.’

Also, idols said, ‘After 8 or 9 years in the entertainment industry, I lost my way and everything went round and round. You know it’s work after work, schedule after schedule. I was so depressed.’

The king said ‘just ‘you know what? Who I am, whatever I am, I want [to] Just leave it alone and start over. And just for a moment, I want to be myself.” 100% i. It’s about being honest with your audience and letting them know who you really are.’

“I may not be perfect,” he said. Not everyone may like me. But at least if you like me, if you support me, then you support the real Jackson.’

More About King Jackson’s MAGICMAN

Jackson Wang finally released his second studio album, MAGIC MAN, on September 9th. It was one of the most anticipated records.

The album consists of a total of 10 tracks, and three singles, Blow, Cruel, and Blue, were released before the album’s release.

Released through TEAM WANG Records, 88rising Records, Warner Records and RYCE MUSIC GROUP. Also, Daryl K, Henry Cheung, and Wang are direct producers of the album.

Meanwhile, Wang shared his thoughts on the latest album.

He said that ‘MAGIC MAN’ is the ultimate self who has gone through the many peaks and valleys of life to reach the most authentic version. Anyone can be their own MAGIC MAN.’

The following is a list of songs included in MAGIC MAN.

  • blow
  • cruel
  • Champagne Cool
  • ghost
  • drive like you stole it
  • vividly
  • like magic
  • all the way
  • dopamine
  • blue


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