Grand Time leverages blockchain to empower users to monetize their time

Cryptocurrencies are now more popular than ever, but mainstream adoption has not gained significant traction. While younger generations and tech-savvy individuals generally own digital currencies, more people still consider cryptocurrencies overly complex. here is grand time It enables people to learn about cryptocurrencies, perform simple tasks to earn crypto rewards, and invest in decentralized finance (DeFi) fundamentals.

Base $GRAND Token and Exclusive Base Blockchain-based decentralization time, Grand Time enables users to monetize their time through a diverse ecosystem of Web 3.0 solutions. The Grand Time ecosystem consists of several segments, each designed to reward users for time on the platform. These include Grand Crypto School, Grand Social Mining Platform, Grand Community & Messenger, Grand Wallet, Grand GIG Tasks Marketplace, Grand Dex Exchange, and Grand NFT Marketplace.

You do not need any skills or knowledge of blockchain to earn money on the Grand Time platform. Users simply perform simple digital tasks and receive $GRAND tokens for the time they spend completing these tasks. Additionally, revenue generated from the platform’s GIG Task Marketplace and social mining platform will be deposited into the “Grand Exchange Program” reward pool. All funds are stored in this pool and can be accessed by users when needed. Tokens are sent through this pool whenever a user wants to exchange their $GRAND tokens for another cryptocurrency.

Unlock financial freedom for the public

Grand Social Mining and the Grand GIG Tasks marketplace are among the platform’s core solutions that allow users to earn a stable income by performing simple tasks. Users will receive $GRAND tokens for the time they spend completing these tasks, which can be used in a variety of ways in the Grand Time ecosystem.

Users can earn platform-specific $GRAND tokens by participating in simple social media actions on the Grand Social Mining Platform and the Grand GIG Tasks Marketplace, such as liking posts, writing comments, promoting projects or performing other actions requested by advertisers. Platform participants can also generate $GRAND tokens by participating in surveys, voting, and providing honest feedback on products and services.

According to the latest report published by the Grand Time team, the Grand GIG Tasks Marketplace has promoted more than 80,000 tasks to date and aims to help more than 1.3 billion people in developing and underdeveloped countries earn at least $5 to $10 per day. I am doing it with . Since its inception, Grand Time has focused on creating solutions that provide a stable source of income for people around the world, especially those living in poverty on $4 a day.

$5 to $10 is the minimum achievable through Grand Time’s vast ecosystem of Web 3.0 solutions, but users who are very active on the platform and perform more than 100 tasks per day are earning more than $100 per day. Similarly, users who work 24/7 earn more than $200 per day.

Grand Time has so far distributed $GRAND tokens worth over $2 million to community members. The platform has witnessed remarkable organic growth in recent years since its inception, with its user community spread across 93 countries. The platform also has over 27,000 active users and has raised $78,000 in its recent pre-sale without any marketing campaigns.

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