Greg Norman is still choking at the age of 67.

Nice words, Greg, really, really, really nice.
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It’s good to see legendary choke artist Greg Norman still hasting something. This time it wasn’t a major championship lead, but it was quite a reaction even to someone getting a shilling to play in a new golf league. Former No.1 golfer speaking at a promotional event for the new Saudi-sponsored LIV Golf League Suggest a pretty rationalization He was charged with a government-led operation that killed journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

“All of this about Saudi Arabia and Khashoggi and human rights not only talks about it, but also the good things the country is doing to change its culture. Leading the 6th Masters in 1996.

“Hey, we all made mistakes and you just want to learn from them and see how you can fix them in the future.”

If you don’t remember the US intelligence reports that Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman plotted to assassinate a Washington Post reporter, that’s a pretty big deal and certainly not a “mistake”. Follow the line that leaves the garage door open. Also Phil Mickelson They called the Saudis “scary bastards.” there was even F made about it. Of course, bin Salman denies any involvement.

If you want more of Norman defending his new business partner in an inexcusably heinous defense, you’re in luck because he didn’t finish it.

“I’ve never had a personal conversation with MBS and I’ve never met him, but at the same time I’ve read that the Saudi government has made statements and comments about it and they want to move forward,” Norman said. Wednesday.

First, you don’t move forward after killing. You go to jail.

Second, there’s no better way to sound like disarming someone than by initialing them. Shh Not Neil Patrick Harris from Salman. No one lovingly refers to him as MBS. Jared Kushner. (when how i met your mother spin-off, how i met your killer, the beginning of MBS and Kush starring? And does the kid from MBS happily catch reporters and disperse them?)

This isn’t the first time Norman has made more than explicit remarks while pimping the LIV golf league. Earlier this month, he said Mickelson’s remarks were the reason why players were leaving on a massive scale.

Yeah shark, that’s Phil’s fat mouth, not the Khashoggi murders or Saudi human rights records. There are so many reasons to avoid doing business with bin Salman. And maybe Mickelson broke the record and pushed that shortcoming into the spotlight.

Well, maybe I’m not stupid.

PGA rejects request to participate in LIV tournament in June

I don’t know if the PGA Tour is trying to keep players from making the same mistakes Mickelson did, or if they actually see the LIV League as rivals, but in any case, Golfers are not allowed to play in the first event of LIV. Early June in London.

The tournaments take place on the same weekend as the Tour’s RBC Canadian Open venue, so there’s obviously a competing interest.

“As a membership organization, we believe this decision will be in the greatest interest of the PGA Tour and its players,” said Tyler Dennis, Tour’s senior vice president and head of operations. statement.

Players like Scottie Scheffler and Will Zalatoris supported the tour’s decision, Scheffler said “I thought it would happen” and Zalatoris called the move “the perfect response.”

Right now, the PGA has all the clout, and idiots like Norman and Mickelson are only doing damage in the case of rival leagues. Nothing can be said about the LIV league or its long-term viability. If there is a rival group that can backfire with expensive investments, it is Saudi Arabia.

However, there are real claims that low-level players are getting graphite shafts when it comes to rewards and wages. Mickelson even wore a cloak for their cause. Motivated by their own financial shortcomings rather than the cause of fellow PGA members. Still, Lefty’s buff is undeniable. report Most professional golfers “struggle to support themselves” due to the tour’s independent contractor model.

Is anyone really surprised that, as a result of all this chaos, those with the greatest dissatisfaction and least power are forgotten and forgotten? Absolutely not.

With the PGA Championship tee-offs taking place next week in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Tiger Woods and Mickelson, Norman and Saudi will still shed much blood to comfort them as the LIV League catches fire.

oh well Serabi.


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