Group BTS (BTS) Kim Tae-hyung and the members confessed the mistakes they made on stage in the past.

While not everyone fully understands BTS’s groove on stage, Kim Tae-hyung recently revealed that he was bullshit at the Grammy Awards. Yes, BTS members, who literally drive everyone crazy with their dance, have shared their funniest moments and mistakes on stage. But what did Kim Taehyung do at the Grammys?

Read ahead to learn more about BTS’ Taehyung Kim revealing his foolishness at the Grammy Awards.

BTS performing at the 2022 Grammy Awards

This year’s Grammy Awards have had several iconic performances this year. One of them is BTS, which presented a fascinating performance at this year’s Grammy Awards. We got an album called Butter in 2021. We got the band to perform on the same album at this year’s Grammy Awards.

In fact, as the band started performing at the Grammys. They all made me fall in love with their performances. Also, the audience loved their performances so much that they received a standing ovation. However, recently, Kim Tae-hyung, known as V, revealed an interesting fact about his acting at the awards ceremony.

Taehyung Kim, blankly at the Grammy Awards

It was a recent Spotify interview with BTS. They had to reveal the funniest mistakes on stage. While the band members share their experiences of their funniest mistakes. Taehyung Kim confessed to the mistakes he made while performing at the Grammy Awards.

Yes, it is said that Kim Taehyung wrote the lyrics for ‘Butter’ wrong on the stage at the awards ceremony. But so far, no one has noticed Kim’s mistake. In fact, all of this was covered up with praiseworthy performances at the awards ceremony.

Did ARMY notice Taehyung Kim’s pranks?

In an interview with Spotify V, he revealed that he made a mistake in Butter’s lyrics, but no one has noticed yet. However, through Twitter, some ARMYs noticed that V made a mistake during the performance.

What should not be forgotten is that the fact that BTS members have been on stage for several years has now been revealed. They are getting better over time. This is why BTS is gaining popularity among fans.

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