Gus Johnson and Tom Brady will be the greatest broadcast duo of all time.

The first time I met Gus Johnson was in Jacksonville a few years ago. There have only been two occasions when he met a celebrity that he reacted frenziedly. The first was Nichelle Nichols who played Nyota Uhura in “Star Trek” in the contest (yes…I’m a Trekker geek). The second was Johnson.

I’ve been a big fan of Gus for a while (not in a creepy way). Because he doesn’t have a broadcaster who shows such a serious passion for his job as he does. Johnson combines intelligence and excitement in a way no other broadcaster has ever done. He’s one of those broadcasters, perhaps the only one, that I want to listen to as much as I want to see the game.

yes made by johnson some mistakes football match broadcast.

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If you haven’t noticed yet, thanks to Gus Johnson. Have Johnson’s phone in the background as you read and enjoy this article.

When USA TODAY Sports had a broadcaster draft, I pointed my elbows at my fellow panelists like Wes Unseld.

Johnson doesn’t scream. he shouts. He does what we do when we watch games on the couch. I jump up and down in my living room when I watch big plays and spill my drinks on my Star Trek pajamas. Johnson does the same thing except for his Trek pajamas, and he gets you into the game in a professional way.

“Mayfield…the wind up…down. More. Field…Hollywood!”

When Johnson is on, turn up the volume, not lower it.

He is criminally underrated. He is the best of the best.

And with Fox and paired up with Tom Brady, Johnson will be the duo of their dreams.

You may have heard of this brady. played soccer I’ve won one or two Super Bowls. something like that Brady recently contract with Fox To join the network after his playing period ends in 2045.

But if Brady retires from football before that, he and Johnson will be an amazing team. Probably the best sports broadcast team we’ve ever seen.

will it happen? maybe. Should that happen? Carrot Pataji.

“During this long-term contract, Tom will not only convene our biggest NFL game with Kevin Burkhardt, but will also act as our ambassador, especially with regards to our customers and promotional initiatives.” Lachlan Murdoch, Chairman and CEO of Fox Corporation, said in a statement:. “We are delighted with Tom’s promise to join the Fox team and wish him all the best for the upcoming season.”

Johnson hosts Fox’s major college football game at Big Noon slots every Saturday and convened last season’s NFL tournament. that said last month He won’t play in the 2022 NFL game as he completes a fellowship at Harvard’s Advanced Leadership Initiative in the fall.

Not offending Burkhardt, but pairing Brady with Johnson all The game at some point in the near future when Johnson finishes his fellowship.

I don’t believe Brady will be understated or boring as some believe. He’s actually pretty fun and I think he’ll share more insider info than people think. He has millions of stories, so he will tell you good stories we haven’t heard before.

Combine this with Johnson’s stellar live skills with the sheer joy of broadcasting games, and they’re the duo of dreams.

Well, at least my dream duo.

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