Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton Net Worth Exploration

Gwen Stefani is an American singer, songwriter, actor and fashion designer. She is the co-founder and lead vocalist of the rock band No Doubt, which includes “Don’t Speak” and “Just a Girl.” Stephanie has won three Grammys. Stefani started her career as a fashion designer before forming No Doubt in 1986. The band’s 1995 album Tragic Kingdom rose to stardom with hit singles such as “Don’t Speak” and “Spiderwebs”. Stephanie’s solo album Love. angel. music. Released in 2004, Baby. featured the singles “Rich Girl” and “Hollaback Girl”, which were the first digital downloads in the United States, selling 1 million copies.

Stefani has appeared in films such as The Aviator (2004) and Knocked Up (2007). She has also been coaching on NBC’s reality TV competition, The Voice, since 2014. Stefani will release her third solo album, This Is What Truth Feels Like, in March 2016.

Meanwhile, Blake Shelton is an American country music singer-songwriter. He debuted with his 2001 single “Austin”. The lead-off single from his debut album “Austin” topped the Billboard Country Singles & Tracks (now Hot Country Songs) chart for five weeks. It was the first single by a male artist to reach number one on the chart in 10 years.

Blake Shelton’s second album, The Dreamer, was released in 2003 and produced the top 20 “The Baby”. Blake Shelton’s third album, Blake Shelton’s Barn & Grill, was released in 2004 and produced “Some Beach”, which reached the top 20. His fourth album, Pure BS, was released in 2007 and produced the top 30 “Don’t Make Me”. Blake Shelton’s fifth album, Startin’ Fires, was released in 2008 and produced the top 30 “She Willn’t Be Gone”. Blake Shelton’s sixth album, Red River Blue, was released in 2011.

Gwen Stefani net worth

What is Gwen Stefani’s Net Worth? As of 2022, Gwen Stefani’s net worth is $150 million. She amassed her wealth through her successful music career and her work as a fashion designer.

Stefani’s clothing line, LAMB, has sold millions of dollars, and her perfumes have been very successful. In addition to her music and fashion career, Stefani has also appeared in several films and TV shows over the years.

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Blake Shelton Net Worth Exploration

In addition to his success as a recording artist, Shelton established himself as a successful television personality. He has served as a judge and coach since the launch of NBC’s reality competitive series, The Voice in 2011, and has won six titles (Seasons 2, 4, 5, 6, 11 and 13). In 2020, Forbes estimated Shelton’s net worth at $160 million. Here’s a look at Shelton’s homes, cars and investments.

Blake Shelton’s house in Oklahoma

In 2007, Blake Shelton bought a ranch-style home in Tshomingo, Oklahoma for $2.1 million. This 7,500 square foot home features 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms on 165 acres of land. The property also has a two-bedroom and two-bath guesthouse. Shelton also has a swimming pool, pond and tennis courts.

In 2012, Shelton paid $3.7 million to purchase another property next to his existing ranch in Tishomingo. The new building adds 100 acres to Shelton’s existing ranch, increasing the total size of the building up to 265 acres.

Blake Shelton’s house in Nashville

In 2010, Blake Shelton bought a home in Nashville, Tennessee for $3.7 million. This 8,000 square foot home features 5 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms on 4.5 acres of land. The property also has a swimming pool, cabanas and a putting green. Shelton has since put his estate for sale at a asking price of $4.75 million.

Other investments by Blake Shelton

In addition to holding real estate, Blake Shelton has invested in several businesses. In 2012 he co-founded Smithworks Vodka with his friends Mark Bacon and Mike Meldman. Vodka is produced in Blake Shelton’s hometown of Oklahoma and is made from corn grown on Shelton’s ranch.

In 2013, Blake Shelton and his mother launched a line of barbecue sauces called Sheltons’ Smokehouse BBQ Sauces. The sauce is available in three flavors: Original, Sweet and Spicy.

In 2015, Blake Shelton and friends Bobby Bones and Dean Bustos launched a fitness app called Steezy. The app offers workout videos and other fitness content that users can access for a monthly subscription fee.

In 2016, Blake Shelton partnered with Ryman Hospitality to launch Ole Red, a chain of restaurants and live music venues inspired by Shelton’s hit “Ole Red”. The first Ole Red store opened in 2017 in Shelton’s hometown of Tishomingo, Oklahoma. The Nashville store opened in 2018 and will open a third store in Gatlinburg, Tennessee in 2019.

In addition to business ventures, Blake Shelton is also an active philanthropist. He is American Red Cross, St. He has donated money over the years to several charities, including Jude Children’s Research Hospital, the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.

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