Hackers change Amber Heard’s IMDB page to ‘Amber Turd’

The most widely known celebrity case going on is Johnny Depp’s defamation trial against ex-wife Amber Heard, but it appears that someone changed her name to Amber Turd on the IMDb page. Well, it looks like the work of a hacker who might be a Johnny Depp fan. But why did it happen?

Read ahead to learn more about Amber Heard’s name change to “Amber Turd” on IMDb.

Johnny Depp libel trial in Fairfax County, Virginia

During Johnny Depp’s infamous case of domestic violence against Amber Heard. This year we sued ex-wife Amber Heard along with Johnny Depp for $50 million in libel. As Johnny and his witnesses finished proving their position in Fairfax County, Virginia.

Amber Heard testifies to how and how her relationship with her ex has changed over the years. Amber testified that she told Depp that she raped her. It claims that Johnny even beat her with her Win on Ryder tattoo.

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Fairfax County Defamation Trial Continues Both Sides’ Claims

Currently, Amber Heard is testifying in the witness stand. She raised Dr. Hughes in court as her witness. We also had a long list of eyewitnesses so far on the part of Johnny Depp. This includes doctors, bodyguards, police, and many others providing evidence on Depp’s side.

Meanwhile, even crowds outside Fairfax County cheer for Johnny Depp. On the other hand, the hashtag Justice For Johnny is trending on social media. But now there are reports of IMDb claiming that hackers have changed Amber Heard’s name.

The hacker makes Amber Heard’s name Amber Turd on the IMDb page.

This week, Fairfax County, Virginia, was postponed due to the absence of a judge investigating Depp’s defamation trial. The case should reopen next week. But amid all this, a new report has emerged that the hackers at IMDb have changed the name of Amber Heard to Amber Turd.

The IMDb page showed Turd the surname of actress Aquaman. Although it is not yet clear who changed her last name. In fact, Amber’s close friend, Eve Barlow, also saw this gender change on her social media.

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