Half of European buyers of Russian energy have opened a ruble account.

According to Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak, about half of European customers of Russian energy giant Gazprom have opened euro ruble accounts.

Deputy Prime Minister Novak of Russia claimed that half of 54 companies across Europe that purchase natural gas from Gazprom had opened “k accounts”.

“Moscow announced this, and about half of the 54 large, medium and small enterprises that have signed contracts with Gazprom have already opened accounts in foreign currencies and rubles,” Novak promised. Company’s name, day geonale report.

Banking schemes allow businesses to deposit euros or dollars. Gazprombank then converts rubles into rubles and puts them in a separate account owned by the buyer, which is used to purchase Russian gas.

The first payment in rubles for Russian gas was expected to be made on Friday, May 20, the last day of compliance with the supply contract the company received last month.

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced in March that Russia would only accept energy payments from “unfriendly countries” in rubles only after the West imposed sanctions on Russia following the invasion of Ukraine.

Since then, gas supplies have been shut down due to policies and sanctions in some countries, including Bulgaria and Poland.

Last week, Russia closed the Yamal pipeline for natural gas going through Poland to Germany, Europe’s largest importer of Russian gas.

Sergey Kupriyanov, head of Gazprom, explained the closure of the Yamal pipeline: Especially in the case of Gazprom, this means a ban on the use of gas pipelines owned by (Polish company) EuRoPol GAZ to transport Russian gas through Poland.”

Putin’s ruble policy, along with the ruble, appears to have had a very positive effect on the value of Russia’s national currency. soar to the top Against the US dollar not seen since 2015.

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