Halsey alleges that the nanny suing her for firing put her child’s health at risk.

Singer Halsey strikes back against a former nanny who sued her for firing her.

Most recently, Halsey came forward to reveal parts of the story after a lawsuit was filed against her.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Halsey alleges that the nanny was fired for a potential risk to her child.

Halsey’s former nanny, Ashley Funches, has filed a disability discrimination and retaliation lawsuit against her.

Funches claims she was fired from her job after taking vacation for emergency medical procedures.

Still, Halsey doesn’t see the case the same way Funches does.

Halsey’s representative spoke to TMZ on behalf of the ‘Without Me’ singer.

According to the TMZ report, the official said, ‘This claim has no basis. This individual’s employment was recently terminated in response to a specific incident in which Halsey’s infant was left unsupervised in an unsafe location while being cared for by a nanny, and where her nanny was found to be intoxicated while caring for her child. ‘

‘ Moreover, this individual has never had a complaint while working for Halsey. As a result, Halsey is sad and disappointed with this turn of events, but I think it’s important to publicly refute these claims because they take meritocracy and ethical working conditions very seriously.’

Nightmare artist welcomed baby boy Ender Ridley Aydin with boyfriend Alev Aydin in July 2021.

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Learn more about Halsey’s lawsuit

Ashley Funches is known to sue both Halsey and her music company.

In legal documents, Funches noted that she was hired last year as ‘a cohabitation personal assistant for newborns’.

The woman went on to say that she was paid every two weeks based on her salary.

Her occupation was ‘taking care of the children, preparing meals, cleaning, doing laundry, cleaning the breastpump material, cleaning the nursery, running errands as needed’.

The nanny also claimed that she complained to her employer that she lacked overtime pay. In return, she received $5,000 without any explanation.

Funches says she still doesn’t know why she gave her a lump sum amount.

On March 16, 2022, she texted Halsey that she was on leave of absence. She said she had to undergo a ‘medical procedure’ that would require a few days off.

The nanny listed in her documents that ‘a few days later’ she was fired by the singer.



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