Harry Jowsey Wants To Join “Keeping Up With Kardashians”

Reality show star and social media celebrity Harry Jowsey recently expressed a desire to appear on one of the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” shows. Yes, Harry literally wants to be on the show and has the best response as to why he wants to be on the show.

Read ahead to learn more about Harry Jowsey who wants to join the Kardashians.

a little bit about harry josie

Harry Jowsey is now a popular celebrity who rose to fame through the reality show “Too Hot To Handle”. Apart from that, he is also an Australian model and entrepreneur. So, besides being a reality TV star. He is also famous as a social media star.

Harry also has millions of followers on social media. In fact, Harry has about 4.5 million Instagram followers. His reality is so hot that it made him a bigger star.

Harry Jowsey wants to be with the Kardashians.

Recently, when Harry Jowsey was asked about his plans to join a TV show, he mentioned what he would most like to appear in. Well, it was just following the Kardashians. Yes, Harry wants to be on the Kardashians’ show.

It was one of the most popular TV shows while following the Kardashian family. It showed the daily life and ups and downs of Kris Jenner and her family. Although he mentioned why he wants to be a part of it. Including a few more shows he would like to do.

harry josh
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Harry Jowsey and his show selection

While Harry talks about everything he wants to do with his scripted and unscripted shows. His choice for the unscripted show was Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Because he thought it would be fun to work on that show. He also revealed his greed for the script he wanted to appear in.

So we’ve got a list of some shows he’d like to work on. Harry believes that plotted shows like Riverdale, Mad Men, and Outer Banks are good choices. In fact, Outer Banks is one of the best banks he wants to do. The cast he met included Rudy.

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