Harry Styles stopped performing after someone threw chicken nuggets on stage.

Harry Styles giggled after a fan threw chicken nuggets during a recent gig.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Harry Styles stopped the show for fans who threw chicken nuggets.

Harry Styles panicked when a fan threw two chicken nuggets at him during a concert over the weekend. He was performing at Madison Square Garden on a Saturday night.

While the Golden Singer was performing, suddenly several lumps touched his foot. In addition, the video of the incident spread rapidly through social media.

In the video, a 28-year-old hitmaker kneels and picks up food. In a bewildered voice, he asked the crowd, ‘Is this chicken nuggets?!’

Then Styles took the chunk and said, ‘It’s an interesting, very interesting approach.’

Then he said, ‘Who threw the chicken nuggets? The phrase ‘another chicken nugget’ refers to when another chicken nugget was later thrown onto the stage.

Moreover, the crowd shouted, ‘Eat, eat,’ and urge him to eat breaded meat.

However, the watermelon sugar artist politely refused, saying, ‘I don’t eat chicken, I’m sorry’. I do not eat meat.’

Styles eventually referred to someone who threw away the food. He said, ‘Hey, you can get your nuggets back. First of all, it’s cold and I assume I’m very old.’

Then he asked if he wanted the nuggets back. After the fans responded positively, Styles said, ‘Can you give it back? why?’

Still, he throws the food back at the crowd and says, ‘Here you go. Don’t eat it.’

He further warned. ‘Oh, now it’s on the floor. It will give you another chunk. You know? Don’t be afraid.’

Musicians who have gone through a similar situation

Harry Styles isn’t the only artist to have to deal with food-related interruptions during the show.

Most recently, Kid Cudi walked off the stage after the crowd started tossing water bottles at him while performing at Rolling Loud Miami.

Meanwhile, Styles’ absence at the 2022 MTV VMA went unnoticed. The British singer-songwriter was nominated for eight categories and won the title.

Former One Direction members currently participated in ‘Love on Tour’ and did not attend the event.


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