Has the verdict been overturned in the Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard defamation case?

The sensational libel case between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has been closed and the jury has released its final verdict on May 31. Nevertheless, a new video clip has been posted online claiming that the ruling has been overturned.

The social media platform has become a medium for fans to discuss the defamation case between Depp and Heard. It didn’t take long for internet users to share their views on a recently released video.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Verdict against Johnny Depp has not been overturned

Videos first started appearing on June 3rd. Shortly after the clip went viral on YouTube and other social media platforms.

Most of the clips contain headlines that the verdict in the Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard defamation case has been overturned.

The comments section under YouTube videos has been disabled. The short video consisted of snippets from Depp’s previous interviews.

Also, the video contained only the headlines in which the verdict was overturned. No further information or details were given on this.

Nevertheless, many users believed the news to be true, and it received more than a million views on the platform. However, it was confirmed that the clip was forged.

As mentioned above, the verdict of the jury has not been overturned. But Heard’s lawyer said he would appeal to court. Simply put, they mean that they ask the Superior Court to investigate the case to make sure the decision was made fairly.

Final verdict in Johnny Depp v Amber Heard defamation case

On Wednesday, a jury of seven members unanimously voted in favor of Johnny Depp. He was awarded $15 million in punitive damages.

The jury also found that one of Depp’s former attorneys’ statements was defamatory. Therefore, the Aquaman actress should receive a $2 million compensation.

Amber Heard Appeals to Judgment

Amber Heard’s attorney Elaine Bredehoft appeared on NBC’s Today to confirm that her client was ‘absolutely’ willing to appeal.

‘She has some great reasons for that,’ said Bredehof. There was too much evidence that did not come.’

According to Deadline, Bredehoft argued in an interview that evidence decisions and the influence of social media played an important role in the verdict in the Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard defamation case.

At this time, it’s unclear when Heard will appeal to court, as Bredehof has not commented on other details.



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