HBO Max backlashes over removal of Sesame Street episode

HBO Max is now hot water with social media users after criticizing the streaming platform for removing the episode from the classic Sesame Street.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Episodes of Sesame Street removed from HBO Max

Sesame Street is the latest show removed by HBO Max after parent company Warner Bros. announced its merger with Discovery.

The streaming platform faced outrage online after fans learned that about 200 episodes of Sesame Street were missing from the show’s library.

HBO Max originally included 650 episodes of the children’s education series. However, as of Friday morning, only 456 episodes of the show are available on the networking site.

We’ve also added selections from the first, fifth, and seventh seasons of the long-running program.

The platform has already removed more than 20 original titles from the platform, including the teen show Generation and the animated series Infinity Train.

HBO Max has been removing titles back and forth from their library since they started taking cost-cutting measures.

The platform is doing this because it no longer wants to pay licensing fees for certain movies and shows.

Fans blame HBO Max for removing Sesame Street episode.

Many fans of Sesame Street have come forward to defend their favorite show. They used several social media platforms to share their opinions on HBO Max’s recent decision.

As one fan wrote, ‘It’s a little disgusting to think of the bloodshed going on in the context of Sesame Street, but that’s what’s happening on streaming platforms right now’.

Another fan commented, ‘That’s why Sesame Street was originally upset when it went to HBO. It is a program that should never be controlled by a company that wants to appeal to shareholders. It has always been in the public interest above all else.’

Besides, someone said, ‘Getting rid of Sesame Street is like a book banned in Texas. Sesame Street teaches respect, tolerance, acceptance, and equality for all, regardless of religion, color, or sexual orientation. This says a lot more than anything about the politics at the head of HBO Max.’

Meanwhile, few users have tried to appease angry Sesame Street fans.

One user suggested that ‘the episode still exists and is not on HBO Max’. Prior to streaming, it was standard to cycle through episodes available from previous series on on-demand channels, including HBO. Sesame Street has over 4600 episodes, and before today there were only 650 on HBO Max. It’s 450 now.’


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