Heidi Klum faces backlash after lingerie ad with daughter Leni, fans react on social media

Heidi Klum and her daughter Leni recently appeared in lingerie for a commercial, which most netizens called “harassment.” Well, Heidi and her daughter share an amazing bond with each other. Their recent bond with lingerie commercials certainly didn’t go as planned. Because people have been slamming it.

Read ahead to learn more about Heidi Klum and her daughter Leni being accused of wearing lingerie for commercials.

Heidi Klum and Lenny did a lingerie ad together.

We’ve seen a lot of commercials with celebrity families that grab everyone’s attention. But recently we got Heidi Klum and Leni Klum to do something similar. Both Heidi and Leni were paired with Italian lingerie brand Intimissimi. A mother and daughter advertised a brand together.

In a lingerie ad for Heidi Klum and her daughter, the mother and daughter wore their own lingerie. It caused a lot of buzz on the Internet. A few pictures of the ad are going viral on the internet, with Heidi and Lenny standing together in lingerie. It left all the reactions now.

Heidi Klum and Renny Klum’s lingerie ad is a hot topic.

Heidi Klum and her daughter’s lingerie ad video caught attention. Netizens are vehemently criticizing it. For Heidi and Leni, it would have been a great idea for an advertisement to pair up. Of course, netizens didn’t think so.

Heidi and Lenny’s lingerie ad was commented on. Netizens hate both the video and its subtitles. This suggests that, unfortunately, the ad is not getting the desired response.

Netizens’ reaction to Heidi Rennie’s lingerie ad

Heidi and Lenny’s lingerie commercials aren’t the only topic of discussion. But even the captions in the ad couldn’t be missed by everyone. As the saying goes, “The confidence of a mother and daughter, the joy of life, and the story of love.” “Together @heidiklum and @leniklum celebrate the art of Italian lingerie.”

Another caption of the photo of Heidi and Lenny in lingerie reads: “Like a mother and daughter. Every woman has a special place at the heart of their favorite lingerie.” To this, netizens responded, “The picture is strange, but the subtitles are strange haha.” Another netizen said, “There is nothing strange, and there is nothing uncomfortable.”

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