Here are all the changes coming with the Destiny 2 Iron Banner rework:

Bungie just mass-issued it. TWAB After being traded to Cabal for Crow’s life, we detail the last major vendor Lord Saladin, now Valus Saladin, for overhaul in the game. However, he still runs Iron Banner, and in season 17, the mod gets some all-out changes.

We learned a lot about this yesterday, so let’s recap what’s coming.

  • Bungie wants Iron Banner to be more of a holiday-like event, so it will only appear for two weeks, May 31 and July 12 of the season. If this period continued, it would be only eight weeks a year.
  • Now the whole tower is transformed to recognize the arrival of the Iron Banner, and Saladin is where Eva Levante is, so you can’t miss him. Again, this makes the vacation more.
  • To encourage more players to play Iron Banner, the mod will no longer enable power levels. Yes, this means you can use famous sunset weapons that may still be in your vault, such as Revoker, Mountaintop, and Recluse (already available in normal PvP).
  • In Season 17, Iron Banner will bring back Rift, a mod that requires you to capture the sparks brought from Destiny 1 and dunk them into the enemy team’s base. Rift brings the game’s first new PvP map since Shadowkeep of Thrones. It’s a World/Pyramid swamp area called Disjunction, a huge map designed for Rifts, but playable in any mode.
  • There is a new Iron Lord title that must be earned via Iron Banner for 1-2 weeks per season, and Bungie estimates it will take 15-20 hours of play. You can guild them next season.
  • There is a new introductory quest for all changes to the Iron Banner in Season 17. This quest is what all players, including veterans, must go through to gain access to the Iron Banner.
  • Iron Banner rewards a bonus multiplier for reputation by completing daily challenges, wearing an Iron Banner armor set (or ornament), and using an Iron Banner weapon. The goal is to now race through the engram’s rep system where you can focus on your current armor and weaponry. In the future, it will probably be outdated weapons and equipment.

In short, the goal is to make Iron Banner more rare, but more rewarding and cultivable, and Bungie seems to be the place to test a different mod each season. All these changes sound great to me. The first will be released in the second week of the season 17 release. Don’t miss it! Because there is only one week left.

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