Heung-Min Son, amazing hospitality at Korean airport after returning to Premier League Golden Boot

Tottenham Hotspur forward Son Heung-min Returning to his hometown of Korea with the Premier League Golden Boots in hand, he greeted many fans at the airport.

The 29-year-old helped Tottenham qualify for the Champions League for the first time in three years and was arguably the best player in a chaotic campaign.

He returned to his home country after a 5-0 win over Norwich City with very valuable cargo on Sunday, and he couldn’t resist showing off.

Hundreds of supporters came to see the former Bayer Leverkusen player, and he posed before bowing his head to thank those present at the awards ceremony.

As he exited the airport, he kept his head down while the bodyguards were beside him.

You can see that they are all proud of his achievements. The clip went viral on social media, surprising how humble Son Heung-min was.

As one person said, “The man is so humble that he dresses up like Hank Hill and returns to the hero’s vision.”

Another netizen said, “My son almost got on his knees as a sign of respect.”

3rd input: “It’s amazing to see him become a huge star when he gets home.”

Someone tweeted, “We really don’t understand how big Son Heung-min is in Korea. Even our supporters don’t understand how great he is.”

Image Credit: Alamy

Son scored two goals against Norwich and he requested an update for Salah who wanted to get his hands on the Golden Boot.

After Son scored his 22nd and 23rd goals early in the afternoon, Salah scored 23 goals. It was caught on TV camera asking “Did he score? Did Salah score?”

Image Credit: Alamy
Image Credit: Alamy

He must have been sweating profusely in the last few minutes, but both players should share the honor of top scorer.

After the match, Son Heung-min admitted that he had become empathetic after fulfilling his lifelong dream.

“It is amazing to receive this award,” he said. “I can’t believe it. I was really emotional. I dreamed of it as a child. Literally it’s in my hands. I can’t believe it.”


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