Highland Park shooting suspect publishes video from Call of Duty game

Call of Duty caused a stir when it was revealed that the Highland Park shooting suspect had uploaded a video of the game.

Here’s everything you need to know.

The Highland Park shooter posted a video of Call of Duty.

Robert “Bobby” E. Crimo III, a person of interest known for shooting crowds out of Chicago suburbs on Monday, posted a video playing Call of Duty.

After analyzing the thousands of messages he posted on social media, Crimo concluded that he was interested in violence.

The 21-year-old also shared a clip of his gaming avatar shooting opponents from a rooftop. The fictional scene was eerily similar to the July 4 bloody massacre in Illinois.

In the game video, players can be heard laughing, shouting, and gunshots pointing at each other. Crimo’s voice remains unclear in the clip.

Even so, Crimo seems to have brought his virtual game character to life when he stood on a rooftop during the Independence Day parade and shot him in ‘sniper style’.

Crimo killed seven innocent people with his Smith & Wesson rifle and left 47 wounded. He is currently charged with seven counts of first-degree murder and dozens more are expected.

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After Crimo was detained, Christopher Covell of the Ake County Major Crime Task Force issued a statement about his arrest.

‘It is believed that this particular person was responsible for what happened,’ he said.

Covelli added that the police tracked down Crimo because of ‘a significant amount of digital evidence’.

Robert Cremo’s history of posting violent graphic videos online

According to a recent report, Robert Crimo uploaded a ton of graphic content to his Discord servers.

Once, he shared an image of politician Bud Dwyer, who took his life at a live press conference.

Also, he posted several clips and violent pictures of people dying.

Crimo also had an account on an online forum called Documenting Reality where users shared content showing the aftermath of violence.

“It’s pretty clear that this suspect has a history of glorifying and fantasizing violence online,” said Atlantic Council member Jared Holt. For me it is sending a red flag over a red flag.’

Crimo is also a rapper who goes by the name of Awake Rapper. His fascination with violence can be seen in his music, which he regularly posts on Spotify and YouTube.



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