Hillary Clinton Approves Trump-Russian Press Plan

Hillary Clinton personally approved plans to inform the media about the unsubstantiated link between Donald Trump and the Russian bank during the 2016 presidential campaign, her former campaign manager testified.

Lobby Mouk said Friday that he attended a meeting of senior officials for the fall 2016 campaign in federal court to discuss a proposed relationship between the Trump organization and Russia’s Alpha Bank.

Mook said the former secretary of state and the then-Democratic presidential candidate made the decision to share information with reporters and “she thought we made the right decision.”

Muk said in court that he had “discussed” with Hillary and “she agreed with the decision.”

reporter of slate Having been informed, Mook said that the campaign was not completely convinced of the claims, so he hoped to “run further” and check whether the connection was true. CBS News Report.

Mook is testifying in the criminal trial of Michael Sussmann, a Clinton campaign attorney charged by Special Counsel John Durham.

Trump-nominated Durham is investigating potential misconduct involving the FBI investigating links between Donald Trump and Russia.

slate announced the story A few days before the 2016 elections, Alfa Bank had a server that “pinged” the Trump Organization servers “irregularly”.

“This secret hotline could be the key to unraveling the mystery of Trump-Russia relations,” Clinton tweeted.

Sussmann provided the FBI with the same information about Trump and Alpha Bank in September 2016. He is on trial for lying to the FBI that he did not represent a client even though he was representing Clinton and her campaign. .

plead not guiltyMr Sussman said he went to the FBI as a concerned citizen and the campaign said he would not have wanted to see the FBI.

Mr. Mook and Marc Elias, General Counsel for the Campaign, said: Both testified to this claim. The former said this week that he didn’t know who Sussman was at the time and would have opposed all meetings with the FBI.

He added that the meeting with the FBI did not appear to be an effective way to disclose the information, so he shared it with the media.

The FBI investigated the allegations against the server, and a follow-up report from the Department of Justice Inspector General concluded that there was no link between Trump and the bank.

The Sussmann Criminal Trial is the first case that stems from Durham’s investigation.

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