Hollywood celebrities hit the streets for nationwide planned parent abortion protests: ‘No womb’

Hollywood celebrities, from Julia Louis-Dreyfus to Laura Dern, took to the streets across the United States on Saturday to protest a nationwide abortion in response to a leaked Supreme Court ruling that marked the end of abortion. Law vs Wade.

felt felt And Beef Star Julia Louis-Dreyfus joined a New York City rally with a sign reading, “If a man is pregnant, he can have an abortion at an ATM machine.”

In New York, thousands of people gathered in Brooklyn’s Court Square and marched across the Brooklyn Bridge to lower Manhattan for another rally.

At the ‘No Body’ rally in Los Angeles giant Actress Frances Fisher spoke on the main stage where she compared the fight for abortion to the civil rights movement and even abolition of slavery.

“No more wire hangers,” Fisher called on stage, referring to the back alley abortion.

Additionally, at Bans Off Our Body events across the country, actresses Laura Dern, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Amber Tamblyn, model Christy Turlington and top chef Host Padma Lakshmi

Marvel actor Mark Ruffalo didn’t attend the protest, but made sure everyone knew he was there in spirit.

Thousands of protesters in favor of abortion Reportedly Demonstrations took place in Washington, DC and more than 400 cities last Saturday against a leaked Supreme Court ruling signaling the end of the federal government. roe vs wade.

that much Associated Press contributed to this report.

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