How did Daphne Dorfman die? Was she transgender?

Daphne Dorfman was a transgender comedian who previously committed suicide as an actress for 12 years working in television and theater. This was officially announced by the Office of Transgender Initiatives located in San Francisco, California. They tweeted, “We are sorry to learn today about the death of Daphne Dorman, a valued community member.”

Before committing suicide, Daphne posted a message on her Facebook page asking for forgiveness from those who supported her, along with the words “Hello and I’m sorry”. Dorfman also revealed that she loves her daughter and that she was not the cause of her suicide. How did Daphne Dorfman die? Was she transgender?

Is Daphne Dorfman Trans?

Daphne Dorfman was a transgender comedian, actress and trans rights advocate. Daphne also worked as a Senior Software Engineer at Vineti, LLC. She created her own web development agency, which she used to pass on her knowledge to members of her San Francisco LGBT Center. She also taught a series of classes to train transgender people in skills-based skills.

Daphne Doffman highlight
job transgender comedian
Daphne’s cause of death suicide in 2019
worked with Senior Software Engineer Vineti, LLC
Instagram @davechappelle
father’s name unknown
sibling Yes
mom’s name unknown

Dave Chappelle and Daphne Dorfman Relationship

Danphe Dorfman and Dave Chappelle met at a stand-up comedy show in San Francisco. He mentioned their relationship in a 2019 Netflix special Sticks & Stones when she defended him after his remarks were deemed transphobic. Dave is a very successful stand-up comedian, but often argues with his views on feminism, gender, sexual orientation, and race that make some audiences uncomfortable.

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Dave Chappelle, 48, caused controversy by making homophobic remarks on stage at Miami’s Rolling Loud festival. But his sixth Netflix stand-up special wasn’t good to critics either. However, Sister Dorfman defended herself as an LGBTQ ally and the one who meant her world to her.

Meet Daphne Dorfman on Instagram

Danphe Dorfman committed suicide in 2019 and his Instagram account is no longer available. Comedian Dave Chappelle has an Instagram account with 2.1 million followers. He’s only made 21 posts, but he’s still active on the account.

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