How did Paul Wesley and Ines De Ramon meet? The couple announced their breakup after 3 years of marriage.

Vampire Diaries star Paul Wesley and his spouse Inez de Ramon have announced their departure after three years of marriage, Us Weekly confirmed. A spokeswoman for Paul Wesley and Ines de Ramon, 29, confirmed the pair’s “separate relationship” in a statement Monday, September 19, to US Weekly. It is known that the decision to break up was mutual and was made five months ago. Currently, the pair is requesting personal information. Speculation about a split between the former lovebirds first began when Paul Wesley was discovered except for a wedding ring at a brother Bond bourbon event at the Opening in the Wall in New York City’s Murray Slope area on August 23. .

The two kept their romance somewhat serene, but there was some gossip about the previously budding romance when the two were spotted holding hands after dinner in June 2018. That same month, a Tell Me Story graduate posted a snapshot via Instagram. She and Ines de Ramon sat next to Jessica Szohr and Nina Dobrev at their wedding in Montauk, New York. Photos distributed by the Daily Mail revealed that less than a year after the incident, the couple were seen wearing matching rings on their wedding fingers. The duo didn’t comment on the speculation at that point, but Paul Wesley’s former Vampire Diaries performer Nina Dobrev, 33, apparently tied her knot in a June 2019 episode of the ‘Directionally Challenged’ podcast when she mentioned Ines. I confirmed that. De Ramon is Wesley’s significant other.

How did actors Paul Wesley and Ines De Ramon meet?

Paul Wesley first connected with jeweler Ines de Ramon when they were spotted holding hands on a romantic date night in 2018. The two got married in Montauk and formed an official Instagram relationship within a month. ‘Fallen’ entertainers (40) and Ines de Ramon (29) got married in 2019 at a private wedding surrounded by loved ones. News of their wedding did not appear until they were spotted several months after it became true that they were wearing a wedding ring.

Their relationship status was likewise confirmed when Paul Wesley’s ‘Vampire Diaries’ co-star Nina Dobrev mentioned Ines de Ramon as the celebrity’s ‘significant other’ on Candice King and Kayla Ewell’s ‘Directionally Challenged’ podcast. Ines De Ramon posted photos of the long-awaited day on her Instagram to give her fans a quick look at the ex-couple’s special day on the anniversary. In her photos, her Ines de Ramon wears her fluffy white wedding dress with her dazed expression on her face and Paul Wesley pulls her up for a kiss on her beach.

Paul Wesley and his wife Ines reportedly quit after three years of marriage.

Vampire Diaries star Paul Wesley and his significant other, Ines de Ramon, have been separated after three years of marriage, according to People. The decision to separate is reciprocal and was made five months ago, a spokesperson for the couple told outlets. Gossip about the couple’s breakup began to circulate last month when Paul Wesley was spotted spending time with model Natalie Kukenberg in New York without a ring.

Prior to their relationship with Ines de Ramon, the Everwood entertainer had a relationship with Torrey DeVitto, but the two said they quit in 2013. They amicably decided to part, the pair’s representative told us at the time. It is known that they will continue to be good friends. Just two months after breaking up with Little Liars alumni, the New Jersey native became known to be related to former performer Phoebe Tonkin, whom they met when they were discovered together on a TVD set in 2013.

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