How much is ticket open in 2022? Serena Williams faces Australia’s Azla Tomryanovic in Round 3

The US Open 2022 with Serena Williams is highly anticipated by all fans of the tennis star as she defeated Anett Kontveit in the second round. Serena Williams has already announced that she will be retiring from her tennis career. The ongoing US Open 2022 is attracting a lot of attention. We are watching the upcoming match live with the keen interest of the viewers. So, here’s how you can see it.

Read ahead to learn more about Serena Williams’ Round 3 US Open 2022.

Serena Williams announced her retirement this year.

Serena Williams has been an iconic star in tennis since she first came to the tennis court. She has won 23 Grand Slam titles. But despite having such an amazing career. When the tennis star said she was retiring from her tennis, she surprised all her fans.

To be sure, it made all her fans sad. But before actually leaving the court forever. She is playing at the US Open 2022. In fact, she performed very well at the event and has already finished the second round. Now, fans are curious about Round 3.

Serena Williams fans are looking forward to the third round.

The ongoing US Open 2022 has already shown Serena Williams back to work before retiring. She defeated Annette Contbeit, the world’s second-largest tennis player, in the second round of the 2022 U.S. Open. Serena Williams’ performance gave hope to all her fans that she will deliver her good performances in the future as well.

Therefore, round 2 has already ended. Serena Williams will advance to Round 3. In Round 3 of the US Open 2022 we will see Serena Williams face Australia’s Ajla Tomljanovic. The two have never had a head-to-head match in the past.

US Open 2022 Round 3 Ticket

Tickets for the US Open 2022 round 3 match between Serena Williams and Azla Tomryanovic are already on sale. You can visit the website of ticket master, seat geekand viagogo to buy a ticket.

Ticket prices may vary by website. Ticket prices are subject to change. This is because ticket prices may vary at different dates and locations.

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