How the playoffs determine the Premier League

The playoffs that determine the Premier League champions? Imagine a drama…

Manchester City know they will win the title again if they score 7 points from their last 3 matches, starting with a trip to Wolverhampton on Wednesday (20:15 BST). It is unlikely to appear in the first place.

According to Premier League rules, if two teams are tied in points, goals scored, goals scored and a head-to-head result, match 39 will be used to determine the champion.

The latter factor has already been confirmed, and the two games between them end at 2-2. City know that with just one defeat, Liverpool can win their two remaining matches and finish the campaign level with points if City win the other two.

So far, everything seems plausible. Go to the goal scenario.

If Liverpool are three points higher than Manchester City in their remaining matches, goal difference will be the first determining factor in the title. City is in third place in that respect.

But if Liverpool turn their back on them – as it is unimaginable – that leads to goals scored and both teams currently have 89 goals. If this level holds from now until the end of the season, we will advance to the playoffs.

Liverpool Manchester City
Saturday 14 May: FA Cup Final vs Chelsea Wednesday, May 11: Away v Wolves
Tuesday 17 May: Away v Southampton Sunday 15 May: Away v West Ham
Sunday 22 May: Home v Wolves Sunday 22 May: Home v Aston Villa

The possibility of a penalty shoot-out between rivals is mouth-watering from a neutral standpoint, but it could also be a headache for the league and Liverpool’s preparations for the Champions League final.

There are no plans as to when or where it will take place, but with international matches scheduled from 1 June, 25 May (three days before the Liverpool Champions League final against Real Madrid) is most likely.

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