How to watch the Computex 2022 keynote from AMD, Nvidia and Microsoft

Computex is only a few hours away and will feature keynotes from big names in the tech space, including AMD, Nvidia and Microsoft. There will almost certainly be interesting announcements from each brand, but since Computex is being held in Taipei, Taiwan, the keynote doesn’t happen at the most convenient time (at least for us in North America).

Microsoft and AMD’s keynotes will keep you awake until dawn tonight, while Nvidia’s keynotes won’t open until late tomorrow evening. Here’s how and when to coordinate each keynote.

How to watch AMD’s keynote

AMD CEO Lisa Su will deliver a keynote address entitled “AMD Advancing High-Performance Computing Experience.” highlight AMD’s latest innovations in notebook and desktop performance. Rumor has it that the chip company will reveal it. Ryzen 7000 series Desktop CPUs using the new Zen 4 core architecture and X670E, X670 and B650 Motherboards It supports the next-generation AM5 platform.

You can watch the keynote speech on youtube It will be broadcast live early tomorrow morning on Monday, May 23 at 2:00 AM EST, 11:00 PM PT or 2:00 PM local time (Taipei local time). You can check this if you are not sure what time it is where you live. Convenient time conversion chart AMD posted this on Twitter.

How to watch Nvidia’s keynote

Nvidia’s keynote features six other speakers, including Ian Buck, Nvidia’s Vice President of Accelerated Computing. Jeff Fisher, Senior Vice President, GeForce; Michael Kagan, CTO of Nvidia. The keynotes are set to cover a variety of topics such as accelerated computing, gaming, content creation, and data center solutions.

You can view the keynote at Nvidia’s YouTube Live Stream Tomorrow night, May 23rd, 11pm EST/8:00pm PT or 11am local Taipei time.

How to watch Microsoft’s keynote

Microsoft’s keynotes included speeches by Panos Panay, chief product officer for Windows and Microsoft Surface devices, and Nicole Dezen, corporate vice president at Microsoft. The title of the keynote is simply “A Conversation on Windows 11 with Panos Panay and Nicole Dezen.”

You can watch the 30-minute keynote. on youtube Early tomorrow morning May 23rd at 3:30 AM EST/12:30 AM PT or 3:30 PM local time (Taipei).

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