How was SteveWillDoIt permanently banned from YouTube? Explanation

NELK Boys member Steve’s channel SteveWillDoIt has been removed for violating YouTube Community Guidelines. The news of his channel removal was posted by Steve on social media. At the same time, his fans are curious about the real reason for violating YouTube guidelines.

Read ahead to learn more about removing the SteveWillDoIt channel from YouTube.

A little about SteveWillDoIt

SteveWillDoIt is a popular YouTube channel created by one of the members of the famous NELK Boys. NELK Boys is a Canadian-American YouTuber who posts video blogs and prank videos on YouTube. The NELK Boys also have huge fans on YouTube.

Steve, on the other hand, is a member of the NELK Boys. His real name is Stephen Deleonardis. He has his own channel like SteveWillDoIt. His channel has about 4 million subscribers. Most of his channel videos are in the challenge format, which is popular among fans.

SteveWillDoIt’s channel will be removed from YouTube.

On August 1st, Steve announced through his Instagram that his YouTube channel, SteveWillDoIt, had been deleted. There was even a YouTube letter explaining why his channel was deleted. So, you can read why the SteveWillDoIt channel was removed from YouTube’s letter.

As I said in the letter that YouTube passed the content of the SteveWillDoIt channel. It was later found that the channel violated YouTube’s community guidelines. Well, not once, but several times, breaking YouTube guidelines. This is because the channel was targeted for deletion.

Fan Reactions to SteveWillDoIt Channel Deletion

Steve Wildoit’s 4 million subscribers are saddened by the news of the channel being removed. It’s not clear which content violated YouTube’s guidelines. But Steve’s fans want to know if he’ll return to YouTube.

Meanwhile, a letter from YouTube states that Steve Wildoit can appeal the removal of the YouTube channel. So Steve has a chance to appeal to YouTube to find the channel once again. If you don’t find anything wrong with YouTube, Steve can definitely get his channel back. These fans want to know whether SteveWillDoIt will get his channel back.

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