Hudson Mohawke’s track Cbat is going viral for the craziest reason.

Hudson Mohawk’s Cbat song is now going viral on social media nearly a decade after its original release.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Why is Hudson Mohawke’s song Cbat going viral?

A Reddit user recently claimed that Hudson Mohawke’s Cbat ruined sex with his partner.

This song is included in the 36-year-old DJ 2011 extended play ‘Satin Panthers’.

User u/TylerLife shared a post where his girlfriend of two years wrote how he wasn’t particularly impressed with a song on his lovemaking playlist.

This post is most likely the top sh*tpost of a community called Today IF**ked Up (TIFU).

According to users, his partner finds the track ‘weird and big turning point’. But for him, ‘actually my favorite song’.

The user said, ‘I play this song almost every time, so there are many times that she didn’t like to listen to it. If you think of it the other way around, it’s annoying and embarrassing at the same time.’

He continued, “We had sex without music a while ago, but we were still chasing the melody in our heads. [recognized] Stop this and ask me.’

The user also concluded the message by saying, ‘I thought this song was perfect, I always hummed to the song, and it seems to give me the perfect rhythm too’. I usually hear this song and am shocked that she hates it.’

Social Media Users React to Hudson Mohawke’s Cbat

After that, many users visited several social media sites to share their opinions on Hudson Mohawke’s Cbat.

A Reddit user wrote: ‘Sounds like an inflatable clown toy falling down the stairs.’

The second netizen said, ‘I tried an experiment on my wife for science, and I asked her if she had a head injury. We’re 0 to 2 for this one sprout.’

Another Twitter user wrote: “When I played this song, the cat didn’t naturally get comfortable in bed, but looked at me with a look of shock and disgust.”

Meanwhile, Hudson Mohawke, whose real name is Ross Matthew Birchard, is a producer and DJ from Scotland. Most recently, they released their third full-length album ‘Cry Sugar’ in August 2022.


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