Hulu Maggie Release Date, Trailer, Cast and Plot

Many people turn to magic and superstition to feel they have a very good grasp of life’s deepest secrets. Tarot cards and fortune-telling have become more popular than ever before. Those who like to foretell the future from the stars will feel like a romantic comedy embodied by Rebecca Rittenhouse.

If you’re serious about Fleabag, Lovesick, and Starstruck, you won’t want to miss out on Hulu’s new comedy-drama, Maggie.

Produced by the Life in Pieces (Justin Adler, Maggie Mull) team, this series examines the question of ‘how do you find out when you know all relationships will end?’

Mag release date

Maggie comes to the screen much sooner than you naturally suspect. The long-awaited comedy debuts on Wednesday, July 6th. There are a total of 13 episodes for viewers to pave their way, and the good news is that they will all be removed on Wednesday, July 6th, so you can devour the entire series. You must be a Hulu user to view Maggie. You can subscribe to the streaming service for $6.99 per month.

Maggie Trailer

Maggie is a psychic with real powers. From an early age, she was able to see the fate of her friends, family and peers. As the owner of Maggie’s Psychic Readings, she translates these skills into her business. Everything seems the same until she reads about Ben.

While Ben reads the book, she sees her marriage, children’s toys, and literally sparks flying with a strange young woman. When the woman in the fantasy is revealed, she is startled to find out that it is her. Shocked, Maggie must proceed with this new information.

Outside of Ben and Maggie, the trailer reveals to us a few other characters who should play key roles in the series. Maggie’s best friend Louise has potential as Maggie’s eternal single gal-pal. She also has two or three fun interactions with her “psychic” Angel (Ray Ford), starting in 7th grade. Maggie’s self-improvement will be central to the story of the series, but the trailer calls into question whether Maggie’s achievements will come as a heartfelt connection.

According to all the descriptions, there is this kind of tension with Ben. Anyway, as many That’s So Raven fans have learned, the future isn’t as consistent as it seems, and just because something looks a certain way in a dream doesn’t mean it’s going to come to normal structure.


Rebecca Rittenhouse stars as the protagonist in Hulu’s Maggie. At Mindy Project, Dr. You can recognize Rittenhouse in the role of Anna Ziev. David Del Rio plays Ben, Maggie’s unexpected lover. The situation isn’t just between them, because she can see him in the future and see how it works.

Angelique Cabral plays Ben’s sister, Amy, and Westworld’s Leonard Nam plays the role of Amy’s lover, Dave. Kerri Kenney and Chris Elliott star as Maggie’s hilarious parents who become Ben’s new homeowners. Chloe Bridges balances the cast as Ben’s old spark, Jessie, along with Maggie’s best friend Nicole Sakura in the Lewis series.



Here is the official synopsis for Hulu’s Maggie series.

Being a young, single woman in this current reality is hard enough. It’s even harder when you’re a psychic. Maggie has true psychic powers. In other words, she constantly sees the fate of her colleagues, family, clients, and random people in the city.

In any case, when she meets an unexpected man and begins to see her own fate, her life becomes more comically complicated. Can you experience passionate emotions assuming you know how it ends? She probably saw this coming. Rebecca Rittenhouse plays Maggie. Stream all episodes on July 6th only on Hulu.

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