Hunter x Hunter Manga Official Return Date: Everything You Need to Know

All comic book lovers awaiting the announcement of Hunter x Hunter should cheer as it finally arrives. Well, we’ve all been waiting for Hunter x Hunter since 2018 with a new chapter. But that hasn’t happened in years. But luckily, there is finally an announcement for a release this year. So, when will Hunter x Hunter be re-released?

Read ahead to learn more about Hunter x Hunter and all the latest updates.

Hunter x Hunter Manga Release Date

Fans of Japanese manga are huge all over the world. We’ve all been eagerly waiting for Hunter x Hunter to release soon. Well, hopefully, we already got the same release date. It was previously released on November 4, 2022, but now has a new release date.

Boy Jump on Twitter recently announced that the cartoon Hunter x Hunter is arriving on October 24, 2022. So we can finally have it a few days before the previous release. Don’t miss it. There are several more identical updates.

What is special about Hunter x Hunter comics?

A few years ago, Hunter x Hunter worked just fine. But in 2018, when Yoshihiro Togashio had health problems. Since then, the cartoon has stopped. Fortunately, however, there has been an announcement that it will arrive in 2022.

The manga Hunter x Hunter first came out in 1998, but later continued into two series. Hunter, where a licensed professional embarks on a journey with monsters and demons. Now, in time, we will move forward.

Hunter x Hunter comic fans crazy about the release

As the release of the Hunter x Hunter comic draws near, there is no doubt about it. Fans of the manga are really happy. Meanwhile, currently Hunter x Hunter will be released in English and Japanese.

The Hunter x Hunter manga is also available on the VIZ Media website with a new chapter for English readers. With the last release in chapter 390 in 2018. The next chapter will come in the October 2022 post, with more releases expected from fans. So keep waiting for the Hunter x Hunter comics to return again, with a new storyline that will continue a new chapter.

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