‘I Cancel Cancel’: Diddy Supports Morgan Wallen, Travis Scott

Sean “Diddy” Combs will use her host and executive producer roles at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards to bring “love and forgiveness” to some previously unloved men.

The show’s choice to include rapper Travis Scott and country singer Morgan Wallen on a roster full of stars has been endorsed by entertainment entrepreneurs (52).

Scott’s performance was “requested” by Diddy.

“’My brother Travis Scott has to perform,’ I replied… Instagram video“NBC said yes,” Didi said.

In a Billboard interview, he said, “As a music family, none of us are adults. None of us have problems in life.”

“Cancellation is a trend that needs to stop”

“Undoing what was canceled is one of the things I personally do.” People haven’t talked about cancellation, so this is breaking news. But the widespread trend of Gen Z cancellations is an issue that needs to be addressed, he said.

“It was a tragedy for Travis. Morgan Wallen [used the N-word] Talking to his son,” the self-proclaimed “Primetime Puff” reminded readers. He also said that humans make mistakes. Now we are moving forward with compassion and respect for all those harmed or affected. Time to let go.

He said Morgan Wallen and Travis Scott could get back on stage and touch again with the thought of getting a second chance in life. Everyone in the room is given a second chance in life.

In 2021, both Travis Scott and Morgan Wallen’s careers took a hit.

In February, a video of Wallen’s white neighbour, while intoxicated, swearing at him went viral. According to NBC, the promotion of the incident seemed to boost sales of his digital albums and songs, but radio stations banned his tracks, and Big Loud Records suspended his contract “indefinitely”.

The 29-year-old singer of ‘Wasted on You’ has been removed from streaming sites. He was ineligible for the Country Music Academy and Country Music Television Awards.

He eventually apologized on Instagram, acknowledging that it came from the word “72 hour max.” He went to therapy, took a few months off from the show and apologized again on “Good Morning America”, but the episode had a lasting impact on him.

Meanwhile, 31-year-old Travis Scott has been in the spotlight after 10 people were crushed to death at the annual AstroWorld festival in Houston on November 5.

More than 100 lawsuits have been filed against the rapper of Goosebumps, concert halls, and event officials due to this incident.

Before the fatal event, Houston Police Chief Troy Finner said he had personally warned Scott about “public safety” in the trailer.

Netizens were outraged when a video of the fainting while fans flocked spread through social media. Scott repeatedly paused action. However, controversy arose when it continued despite crowds’ cries of “stop the show” and ambulances helping struggling supporters.

After the event, Travis Scott and Sicko Mode contributor Drake had a party at Dave and Buster’s.

On Saturday he played his first game since Astroworld at the E11EVEN nightclub in Miami, Florida during the Miami Grand Prix.

But Diddy knows all this well.

The 2022 Billboard Music Awards airs on Sundays at 8pm on NBC or Peacock.

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