‘I saw a little girl full of blood’: Witnesses describe Texas school shooting

Witnesses describe the horrific scene in a small Texas town where 18-year-old Salvador Ramos allegedly killed 18 children and three adults before being shot at an elementary school in the town of Uvalde.

“It was an ugly scene to see a little girl with blood and her parents screaming,” said 26-year-old Derek Sotelo, who runs a nearby auto repair shop. said Washington Post. “This is a nice, quiet town with a network of 25,000 people and everyone is here to help. It hurt our community. What happened? They were just little children. They meant no harm.”

Ms Sotelo and colleagues said they saw Ramos erratically parked a gray Ford F150 truck near a school while out for lunch. Onlookers, who thought he had a problem with his car, ran to help him before he started shooting.

Another onlooker told Telemundo: “People thought he was in trouble and jumped to help him and he got out of the car and started shooting.”

Employees working at a funeral home near Robb Elementary School began screaming that he was shooting. According to bystanders, the shooter barricaded himself in the classroom.

Tamica Martinez said post Her 10-year-old son, who is in fourth grade, crawled out of the window and escaped school. The boy saw the two of them being shot.

A woman named Janine A Turner wrote on Twitter on Tuesday that she was a Uvalde resident and that her nephew suffered non-fatal injuries in the shooting.

“At the beginning of the semester, my little [sic] I wanted to stop going to her private school here in Uvalde. And switch to Robb Elementary School. For some reason I didn’t want to do it. today… I am very happy that I followed my gut instinct,” she wrote.

Elsa G Ruiz, another woman who identifies as a Uvalde resident on Facebook, posted on social networks that her daughters had sent unconfirmed shooting videos.

Salvador Ramos’ uncle, Armando Ramos, said wall street journalHe believes his nephew didn’t target the school on purpose, but rather the school during a police chase.

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