I tried air fried tofu during National Vegetarian Week and it was delicious.

oh, tofu. A vegan and vegan staple everywhere, it’s one of the quickest and easiest ways to incorporate protein into a plant-based diet that doesn’t involve removing meat from your order or mashing a few nuts.

i inherited Dreo 6 quart air fryer This week and after poking around the kitchen looking for something to test with my first recipe, it felt like the stars were sorted. This week (6-22 May) is National Vegetarian Awareness Week in the UK where I live. And what should I find in my pantry, the barren, barren wasteland? Two boxes of tofu from different brands – one soft and the other harder and spongy.

I go back to the 2010s and have been a vegan for 5 years (after that I have been a pesetarian for 3 years) and have a diet due to health issues, so a big thank you to those who are committed to their lifestyle.

Vegetarianism gained popularity in the 20th century, but predates modern times by at least 2,000 years. As early as the 6th century BC, early Jain and Buddhist literature practiced nonviolence against animals in the teachings of Pythagoras, as in ancient Greece. The ancient Egyptians may have practiced vegetarianism for religious reasons.

On the other hand, tofu dates back to the Han Dynasty in China about 2,000 years ago, and has grown in popularity because of its high protein properties along with the spread of Buddhism.

In the days when I didn’t eat meat, meat substitutes weren’t as common as they are now, and they were often quite expensive, so tofu and I quickly became friends.

However, it is not always easy to handle food. One of my favorite tofu dishes is deep-fried and added to noodle dishes like rice or ramen. But if you don’t give it, you’ll often find chunks of uncooked tofu coated in lumpy cornmeal. Pay all your attention while you’re in the pot. And I’m not famous for my patience or attention.

So my Dreo isn’t on TechRadar’s ranking, but best air fryer, I was full of excitement at the thought of frying tofu. After researching online for information and tricks on tofu airfryer, here’s what I found when I tried:

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tofu preparation

If you’re familiar with tofu, you’ll know it’s packed in water. This is good for maintaining freshness, but the outside is crispy and the texture is not very good. Therefore, when frying tofu in a pan, it is important to squeeze out as much water as possible before cooking.

This is just as important as the air fryer. Moisture is very important in the process, but materials such as wet dough won’t crunch fast enough for the desired crispiness, making the tray messy.

There is no tofu press. You don’t have as much tofu squeezer as you want. Cozy London apartments don’t have much space for unnecessary tools. Generally speaking, the best way to squeeze out moisture is: The tofu is placed on a flat surface and compressed with a relatively heavy object on a kitchen towel to absorb the running water. Do not use soft tofu as it is very fragile. ~ degree The juicy and chewy tofu is heavy because it is easy to just crush it.

I dried hard tofu for 20 minutes and soft tofu for 1 hour. This isn’t long enough for the silky variety, as we’ll discuss later, so if you want to try this at home, go for an hour and a half and change your kitchen towels every 15-30 minutes. Next, cut the tofu into 1-inch/2cm cubes as evenly as possible.

Tofu is not the most delicious thing in the world. But it seasons very well. I split the tofu into several pieces because I wanted to try frying them in different ways in the air fryer.

First, the two types of tofu were divided into two portions and each was divided in half and cooked without seasoning. I left the hard tofu as it is, and coated the soft tofu with corn flour to maximize the crispiness.

For the other half, I tried two different recipes. Sponge tofu is seasoned with sesame oil, garlic and soy sauce. Eat and learn live), and soft tofu made with paprika, garlic powder, sesame oil, soy sauce, corn starch, salt and pepper Jessica in the kitchen). I soaked this batch for 30 minutes before cooking.

Tofu in Dreo 6-Quart Air Fryer

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Fry Tofu in the Air Fryer

First, the plain tofu of tofu came out. Preheat the Airfryer to 380F / 200C for 3 minutes according to the instructions, then carefully place the tofu cubes on the tray, taking care not to overflow the tray, leaving room for airflow. Preheating and spacing are very important in air fryers, as success in cooking with air fryers depends on good circulation of hot air so that moisture from the food surface evaporates immediately to give you the desired crispy texture.

Soft tofu lost much of its structural integrity during tossing into cornmeal. At this point, I realized that I had underestimated the drying time required. However, the tray was hot enough on the bottom to preheat. The tofu cubes hold tight and won’t slide through the non-stick plates.

After reading a few other guides on how to fry plain tofu in the airfryer, I set a timer for 15 minutes and shook the tray halfway when the fryer was reminded to do so. And make it brown. When it was time to cook, I was delighted to learn that both types of tofu had turned out to be wonderfully crispy. The sponge tofu could have been shortened by 5 minutes or so because the cubes were quite dry, but still had the desired texture.

The heavily deformed silk tofu didn’t get crispy, but I was happy with the spongy texture that was slightly crispy on the outside and beautifully layered on the inside.

Tofu dish.  The silky tofu (right) is layered on top and crispy.  The sponge tofu (left) has a thicker skin and has a denser texture.

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Excitedly, I applied what I learned in the first batch to the second batch. Sponge tofu marinated in soy sauce, oil and garlic for 10 minutes, and soft tofu marinated in powdered seasoning, soy sauce, corn flour and oil for 15 minutes. This time I put the cubes on a piece of baking parchment to prevent messy drips, but it was tricky to hold on to the weight. WARNING: Airflow inside the airfryer can pose a safety hazard if the parchment lifts and comes into contact with hot elements on top of the tray.

Adding moisture back to these two batches in the form of oil and soy sauce definitely affected the results. The sponge tofu didn’t get a thick, crispy tempura from the first batch, but I personally preferred this one. The first batch was too dry. However, the soft tofu was not crispy despite having plenty of dry ingredients. I tried to give it 5 more minutes to cook, but the seasoning started to slide off the cubes. Again, I suspect this is due to my impatience with the drying process. But perhaps the air-fried soft tofu isn’t the way to go if you’re looking for some spice.

boiled tofu, left to right;  Silky radish tofu with cornstarch, unflavored sponge tofu, seasoned sponge tofu, and finally, seasoned silky tofu.

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Overall, I have to say that my first foray into air fried tofu was quite successful. All four of my tofu batches went well with delicious and wholesome snacks. Plus, the process was so much easier than pan frying, so I checked all the boxes.

Next time you should avoid coating the soft tofu at all and let it dry longer. My first batch had a nice, pastry-like layer that I couldn’t get with thicker tofu.

If you’re a vegetarian or vegan and are thinking of investing in your own Airfryer, there are many amazing recipes you can try, and Airfryer Tofu is a great place to start. It can be served in a noodle bowl or fried, served with rice, or eaten alone with spicy mayonnaise or a sauce of your choice. yum!

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