“I will never be CEO again,” Jack Dorsey tweeted.

Jack Dorsey has no intention of returning to his previous role as Twitter CEO once Elon Musk takes over the social network.

Dorsey: ‘I’ll never be CEO again’ tweet on wednesday(Opens in a new window)This is in response to a tweet from Charles Wiand predicting that Musk would “eventually just ask” Dorsey again to take over the role.

in Reply separately(Opens in a new window), the entrepreneur said “no one should ultimately” be Twitter’s CEO. like Budge Note(Opens in a new window)it’s probably bluesky protocol(Opens in a new window)This is a project that aims to decentralize the microblogging platform.

In a series of tweets posted last month, Dorsey admitted that his “biggest regret” was “Twitter as a company” and added that Musk’s takeover so “taking it back from Wall Street” is “the right first step” . He also thanked Agrawal and Musk for “saving the company from an impossible situation”.

Despite playing a central role in the founding of the company, Dorsey is controversial with Twitter, who was fired from CEO in 2008. He returned to the lead position in 2015 but resigned in November 2021 and was replaced by CTO Parag Agrawal. It’s unclear how long Agrawal will hold his current position.

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