Ice Poseidon returns to streaming on Twitch after 5 years

Twitch streamer Ice Poseidon is returning to Twitch after being banned from the platform 5 years ago. Twitch has several streamers on its platform. Most of them have faced a ban at some point in their lives. A similar thing happened to Ice Poseidon when it was banned five years ago. But now he is coming back. But when?

Read ahead to learn more about Ice Poseidon returning to Twitch after posting a ban on the platform.

Ice Poseidon was banned five years ago.

Twitch streamer Ice Poseidon, whose real name is Paul Denino, gained popularity on the Twitch platform with his unique streaming. It was definitely different because he was using it to stream IRL rather than his usual game content. However, his presence on the platform was short-lived. He was banned from Twitch due to the beatings.

Five years ago, he was slapped in the face on an airplane. Posts his presence on Twitch wasn’t there. He got banned from Twitch. So since then he has been missing from the platform. However, his recent IG story gives us an idea of ​​whether he will be back or not.

Ice Poseidon is back on Twitch

He had many of his followers on Twitch. Surely everyone has missed him on the platform for years. However, Ice’s recent IG story hinted that he would make a comeback to Twitch again.

Yes, Ice Poseidon has revealed that he is returning to the streaming world via IG Stories. His mark is for Twitch returns only. However, he did not mention a specific date or time when the streaming will start.

Fans React to Ice Poseidon’s Return to Twitch

Every streamer on Twitch has his or her own fan. Among them, the IRL streamer was also loved by his followers. However, after Twitch lifted the ban, his fans haven’t streamed content to watch for five years. Now they can hope to see them again.

So when he posts his return announcement via his IG story, his fans are eagerly waiting for him to start streaming. It’s likely to happen soon, and Ice Poseidon will also share it on his social media.

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