Ice Spice reacts to sex tape rumors on Twitter

The rapper broke his silence after alleged leaks of a sex tape that featured rapper Ice Spice. Well, it’s not new for celebrities to be dragged into viral blatant virus leaks. We recently heard on the internet that an explicit video of Ice Spice went viral with a man. But now the rapper has made it clear himself.

Read ahead of Ice Spice’s reaction to allegations that the sex tape is rumored to be hers.

Ice Spice responds to explicit video exposed on Sex Tape rumors

We’ve been through numerous instances where some celebrities have been rumored to have publicly leaked explicit videos. Some of the leaked videos were also fake. But recently, rapper Ice Spice had another accident.

When we got the internet with some leaked explicit videos of men and women looking like ice spice. The leaked sex tape went viral and sparked a lot of discussion. This is because some netizens were convinced that the video was exclusively for Ice Spice.

Ice Spice Breaks Silence Over Sex Tape Leak Rumors

Although we make viral leaked videos of celebrities go viral in no time. But it doesn’t always belong to that celebrity. Sometimes even fake videos attract celebrity names. Even rapper Ice Spice tweeted that the leaked sex tape was not his.

Her tweet breaks the silence about blatant viral videos. She tweeted, “You guys want fake ass leaks so bad for me that I can beat your Lil dirty meat.” Her leaked video featured a woman with hair similar to herself.

Netizens react to the leaked video

The virus leak video rumored to be about Ice Spice also includes a man. Although many people tried to find out who the man was. Some have already guessed the man’s name. Netizens think it could be rapper Drake.

Do not forget it. Drake also unfollowed Ice Spice. One of the users even commented, “Damn, Drake leaked a sex tape.” Although many others had similar opinions. But Ice Spice says it’s not her video.

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