iFixit’s Steam Deck repair guide and parts are out (but the best is MIA).

Need to repair your Valve Steam Deck portable gaming PC? iFixit sells official parts for almost every part of the console. After accidentally selling those components on Saturday, most of the collections (and large collections of repair guides) are now live for everyone.

Unfortunately, you may not be able to purchase your favorite items by clicking right now. Motherboard and daughterboard are MIAs (if you want to make a FrankenDeck), fans and screens are out of stock (sorry, upgrade users), no thumbsticks left, and iFixit has literally just a handful of Steam Decks. The plastic case was the last thing we checked.

Here is the full list of parts that iFixit plans to stockpile in the near future.

Steam Deck Repair Parts from iFixit

SKU/Link name price
SKU/Link name price
2600021 Steam Deck Fan / Parts Only $24.99
2600022 Steam Deck Fan/Repair Kit $29.99
2600031 Steam Deck (512GB) Screen / Partial Only $94.99
2600032 Steam Deck (512GB) Screen / Fix Kit $99.99
2600041 Steam deck (64GB or 256GB) screen/part only $64.99
2600042 Steam Deck (64GB or 256GB) Screen/Fix Kit $69.99
2600051 Steam Deck Right Thumbstick/Parts Only $19.99
2600052 Steam Deck Right Thumbstick/Fix Kit $24.99
2600061 Steam Deck Left Thumbstick/Parts Only $19.99
2600062 Steam Deck Left Thumbstick/Fix Kit $24.99
2600071 Steam Deck Action Button Rubber Membrane $4.99
2600081 Steam Deck D-Pad Rubber Membrane $4.99
2600091 Steam Deck Steam Button Rubber Membrane $4.99
2600101 steam deck speaker $24.99
2600291 Steam Deck Left Trigger Button Assembly $7.99
2600301 Steam Deck Right Trigger Button Assembly $7.99
2600161 Steam Deck Left Bumper Button Assembly $6.99
2600171 Steam Deck Right Bumper Button Assembly $6.99
2600181 steam deck back plate $24.99
2600191 Steam Deck Front Plate $24.99
2600201 steam deck motherboard $349.99
2600211 Steam Deck Right Daughter Board $29.99
2600221 Steam Deck Left Daughter Board $34.99
2600231 Steam Deck Battery Adhesive $4.99
2600241 steam deck screen adhesive $4.99
2600251 Steam Deck AC Adapter (USA) $24.99
2600261 Steam Deck AC Adapter (EU) $24.99
2600271 Steam Deck AC Adapter (UK) $24.99

Again, iFixit doesn’t have a solution for replacing the battery yet. A new blog post states that the Steam Deck’s adhesive battery makes repairs difficult.

When I open the Deck, the iFixit guide seems to be missing one important warning. Don’t forget to remove the microSD card before opening. Some people accidentally cut a card in half while trying to pull open the snap release case. Otherwise, it can be easily opened with 8 small Phillips screws and a plastic clip required to open it with plastic tongs. tool.

We asked iFixit about supplying parts and we’ll let you know what we’ve heard.

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