I’m spending $400 a month on a freelancer for a small business. Here’s who I hired and why it’s worth the extra money:

  • Jen Glantz is an entrepreneur and bridesmaid for hire.
  • She budgets $400 a month to hire freelancers to work for her small business.
  • Glantz says it’s well worth the money because it saves you time on more important tasks.

As a solo entrepreneur, I earn my money from multiple sources of income. businessat coaching and coursesThrough revenue from my podcasts and newsletters, books and seasonal product launches.

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But one of the biggest and longest lasting mistakes I’ve made was refusing to hire someone to help me over the years. I thought I could do everything and did it, but it made me overworked and exhausted.

Not only did I feel impossible to keep up with my day-to-day tasks, I didn’t have time to innovate or think of new ways to expand my business.

So at the end of last year I started looking for someone to help me and I started budgeting $400 a month to spend on hiring a freelancer.

The type of help you need each month will vary, but usually you find freelancers through Facebook groups or websites like: five And upwork. Here are the types of freelancers I usually hire, how much they cost, and what they bring to my business.

1. Researcher

For any given month, I’ve spent 2-3 hours a week doing outreach to secure speaking engagements at conferences, press departments, or brand sponsorships. There were already many different email templates that you could personalize and send, but it took too much time to research every opportunity and find the right contact information.

So I started hiring a research assistant who pays me to build a list of contacts to send my presentation emails to. For example, last week I hired someone for $25 an hour to compile a list of 50 conferences where I could sign up for a lecture. This saved me at least 3 hours of working time. On average, I spend about $75 a month hiring a researcher to build these lists.

2. Google Ads Expert

Running Google ads has been an effective way to get new customers and subscribers for your newsletter or podcast. I’m not an expert at setting up these ads or doing keyword research, so I hire a freelancer to set up these campaigns every month.

This will save you at least 2 hours a week and will allow you to create more effective advertising campaigns because they are done by experts and optimized for success. You usually pay $40-60 per campaign and a budget of $125 per month for 2-3 campaigns.

3. Personal Assistant

When I made a list of how I spent my workday, I noticed that I was spending a lot of time on less impactful tasks like formatting presentation materials, scheduling social media posts, or taking notes on podcast shows.

These tasks had to be done, but they kept me from taking hours and hours of important meetings, strategizing for growing my business, and doing other things that only I could do.

Now I budget around $200 a month to hire a personal assistant to help with tasks I don’t have to do alone. For this amount, you can get 3-5 extra hours of help per week, which has made a noticeable difference in the amount of time you need to work each day after completing your high-priority tasks.

As a small business owner or entrepreneur, I understand the reluctance to spend money on freelancers and delegate tasks to others. But if you can spare the time for more important needs, it’s well worth it.

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