Facts about Quackity

birthday December 28, 2000
age 21
place of birth Mexico
zodiac zodiac Capricorn
nationality Mexican
ethnicity mix
job youtuber
net worth $500,000 – $600,000 (see below for details)

QuickityHQ is a notorious YouTuber and online game streamer who became famous for gathering huge numbers of viewers in one area to log in, causing server overload and crashes.

Well, this YouTuber has a great sense of humor and impresses his fans with his quirky, kind and thoughtful jokes. One of the funniest jokes he made in the video is that Quackity was originally from Afghanistan, California, USA. But we know that this city or place does not exist.

Besides, this handsome guy calls his fan Habibi, which literally translates to my love, love, love, self in Arabic.

best known….

Quackity’s delightful response to funny videos is not to be missed. His commentary on the already entertaining content makes watching his videos absolutely fun. Over the years his comments and reactions have gotten better and better.

Quackity is a famous YouTuber, Twitch streamer, social media figure, gamer and internet face from Mexico. He became famous for his games such as Club Penguin, Roblox, Raids, and Minecraft. Millions of people watch him play and talk about him.

He also has millions of people following him on YouTube. He publishes various kinds of videos on his channel. He has two YouTube accounts. People who don’t like him speak badly of him, but he doesn’t pay much attention to them.

Quackity with his silver buttons

What is Quackity’s real name?

Party famous, Quackity’s real name is Alexis. However, the full name is not yet known. It seems very serious not to reveal your real name.

Quackity’s Family, Education and Childhood

Quackity was born on December 28, 2000 in Mexico. Alex is short for Alexis, his full name. He also travels to America a lot.

From his video we learn that he went to and graduated from a Mexican law school. Depending on his age, he would have gone to college to get a degree.

Alex didn’t say anything about who his father and mother were. We learned in many places that his mother was a pharmacist and his father was a teacher. He grew up in a good environment.

His brother also has a YouTube channel called RoScripts where he posts videos of Roblox games. He is a member of the Caucasian, mixed-race Mexican ethnic group and is a Christian.

Quackity has been passionate about l since childhood. Quackity’s childhood was truly wonderful with a lot of attention and love from her parents. They consistently met everything Quackity needed to pursue what it wanted. Simply put, Quackity had a childhood and undoubtedly played a pivotal role in Quackity’s instantaneous development.

Relationship with Quackity’s girlfriend

This Latino man is often under the radar of most fans. Therefore, it is clear that he likes to protect himself from the evil eye. That may be why he didn’t share about his relationship.

So we believe Quackity is currently single and is looking for a better girlfriend. He is young, daring and focused on work, so he needs time to make it.

Looking at his social media posts, there is not a single article about his dating or criminal partner. Despite such exposure, he was a professional individual who drew the line between his personal and professional life. Also, he is a very shy and secretive individual. It is only a matter of time before he opens a romantic chapter in his life.

Net Worth of Quackity

Youtube: YouTube has been a platform for people to connect and work with viewers and earn money for the ads viewers watch as they watch videos. The same is true for Quackity. Most of his income and income comes from YouTube. His number of subscribers and viewers has grown significantly over the years. Currently, he has over 802,000 channel subscribers with an average of 210,125 views per day.

According to, on his YouTube channel, he earns around $18.9K – $302.6K per year, counting daily views and subscriber growth. So, if you calculate his YouTube earnings, you can expect net worth is $500,000 – $600,000.

Quackity’s height, weight and body measurements

He is 5 feet 4 inches or 162.5 cm tall. Also, the Quackity weighs 60 kg or 132 lbs. Fans are often attracted by his dark brown eyes and wavy dark brown hair.

Quackity’s career and awards

Alex has joined many places where he can speak with fans and subscribers. The government also banned many of his accounts and channels. He has made videos for Minecraft, Roblox, Raiding, Dream SMP and other games. His writing is always interesting and fun.

Alexis started a YouTube channel on June 4, 2013. He was only 12 years old at the time. As of May 2021, his channel named Quackity has 5.11 million subscribers and 391 million views. He creates his account and publishes his first video titled “Toontown-Typical HQ Officer” the same day. He had 359,000 views from now to May 2021.

He has many videos and has been watched by a million people. The most viewed video was posted on April 8, 2019 as “DISCORD’S GOT TALENT (King Sejong Institute, starring MrBeast)”. At the time of this writing, 25 million people have viewed this video.

In addition to this, there is also a YouTube channel called QuackiTwo. It was created in March 2014 and currently has 2.29 million followers (as of May 2021). On this channel he posted a lot of videos.

Quackity also has an account on the messaging app Discord, where they host contests for YouTubers. Some of his competitions include Photoshop Hunger Game, Discord’s Got Talent, and more. Everything went smoothly until December 2018, when his account was suddenly banned. Many people complained that he broke the rules of the Discord community, so his account was blocked. He was also kicked out of the game Raid.

Rumors and Controversies

Quackity rarely engages in rumors and controversies of any kind. However, he often comes to the fore when his account is suddenly banned on social media platforms.

On December 31, 2018, he revealed that his account had been logged out of itself and that he could not log back into Discord via Twitter.

Quackity consulted with Discord’s moderation team and learned that Discord users had multiple reports of him violating system guidelines. Unlike others, this YouTuber doesn’t stand still and has launched a campaign on Twitter using the #DiscordUnbanQuakity hashtag. He was temporarily hyped up by word of mouth, taking second place behind #Brexit.

Things you didn’t know about Quackity

  • On YouTube, he received six silver play buttons with 600,000 subscribers.
  • Alex likes to eat, so he often goes to McDonald’s for his favorite burgers and fries.
  • His YouTube channel didn’t get more views or subscribers until 2017. But after that, it grew very quickly.
  • Young YouTubers have cats that play with them when they’re not working.
  • According to sources, his Twitter account was closed from September 2018 to November 2018, but he did not give a reason.
  • Alexis now has two Twitter accounts and millions of people follow both accounts.
  • He is a huge fan of Photoshop and editing. He keeps taking funny pictures of himself and sending them to the people he likes.
  • Quackity used social media to wish all fans a Merry Christmas.
  • We learned from his Twitter account that he was also banned from Twitch games in 2018 and Roblox games in 2020.


cue: What is Quackity’s birthday?

all: Quackity was born on December 28, 2000.

cue: what is impatienceage of?

all: Quackity is 20 years old as of 2021.

cue: what is impatience‘s height?

all: Quackity is 5 feet 4 inches.

cue: who is impatience‘s girlfriend?

all: Quackity is currently single.

cue: what is impatienceWhat is the net worth of

all: Quackity’s net worth is $500,000 – $600,000.

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