Indianapolis Colts sign Nick Falls as backup quarterback

INDIANAPOLIS — A move that was too obvious not to happen is finally formalized.

The Colts have signed a two-year deal with veteran quarterback Nick Falls to support starting quarterback Matt Ryan, a league source told the Indianapolis Star. A move to fill one of the roster holes that hurt Indianapolis during the 2021 season.

For most of his four years in Indianapolis, manager Frank Reich and general manager Chris Ballard preached the importance of including a capable backup quarterback on the roster. Role 2 didn’t fit the word.

The 33-year-old Falls is a crystal familiar to both Reich and Ballard.

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One of the few quarterbacks in history whose resume matches Reich’s reputation as a backup. For a variety of reasons, Foles didn’t take advantage of many opportunities as a starting pitcher in the NFL, but he left an indelible mark on the City of Philadelphia.

Foles, who was not included in the lineup due to an injury to former Eagles starter Carson Wentz (Colts’ starting quarterback in 2021) at key moments in both 2017 and 2018, took this opportunity for the second time in a row, making Philadelphia the only Super Bowl this season. led to the title. They beat the Patriots to win a playoff game and put the Eagles on the brink of another win in 2018 performance.

Reich played a key role in the unforgettable Foles performance.

Although the two had been together for only a year in the NFL, they shared their Christian faith and forged an amazing relationship on the football field, forming an immediate and deep relationship.

Falls has reiterated that over the years, when Reich was an aggressive coordinator, no coach was capable of performing as he did in magical 2017.

“He is one of football’s greatest teachers,” Pauls said two weeks ago. Reich’s Call to Courage Award Breakfast in Buffalo. “I learned a lot more with him and his staff during that season in 2017 than I did.”

And the two maintained close contact over the years.

When Foles was in Jacksonville, the two had long chats before and after the Colts-Jaguar match, and Reich remains close friends with Foles. When Reich presented Foles of Buffalo with the 19th Annual Call to Courage Award in recognition of the way Foles practiced the Christian faith, Colts’ manager recognized the award as special because of his relationship with the quarterback.

“It was a joy to spend together in Philadelphia, and it’s still a joy,” said Falls. “I don’t think I’ve kept in touch with more coaches than Frank.”

Ballard’s relationship with Foles actually dates back to the 2016 season in Kansas City when the quarterback won the game instead of injured Alex Smith.

Foles struggled as a starting pitcher in Jacksonville and Chicago in 2019 and 2020, but when he took a place at the Bears in 2021, Foles threw 250 yards and beat Seattle on the road. The veteran quarterback has built a reputation as a good leader and good backup player, providing full support to starting pitchers.

The man he will back up in Indianapolis isn’t known to give up too many snaps.

Ryan made just three starts in 14 seasons with Atlanta and is still in good shape at the age of 37. Colts, on the other hand, know well how one game in the wrong quarterback’s hands can turn the season around. Eggs Laid by Brian Hoyer A good example is the match against the disastrous Miami team in 2019. And Indianapolis believe the Falls can give the Colts a chance to win over a potential Ryan injury.

Backing up until Colts signed Foles was second-year quarterback Sam Ehlinger, a 2021 sixth-round pick. He has an incredible knowledge of offense, but he hasn’t thrown a pass in the NFL yet.

“We love Ehlinger. He’s made with all the right ingredients,” Ballard said in January. “Whether he’s good enough, we still have to find out.”

Colts believe Foles is still good enough.

At the very least, you should lead a pinch of talented roster.

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