Indonesian dog meat video meets influencer Mikaela Testa

TikTok user Mikaela Testa recently faced a backlash against a video of the Indonesian dog meat market. Well, TikTok users have been on the meat market recently. In addition, Tik Toker shared a video of the market, and netizens who saw it were outraged. Afterwards she left the footage of her own and bought her backlash.

Read ahead to learn more about TikToker Mikaela Testa, who faces backlash over Indonesian dog meat market video.

TikToker Mikaela Testa shared video of Indonesian dog meat market

TikTok users are creating a craze for posting travel videos on their apps. Well, so was the TikToker Mikaela Testa. She recently traveled to Indonesia. One of her videos is where she took her to her Indonesian meat market.

The market that Michaela shared sold all kinds of meat, including dog meat. But her Indonesian dog meat market video certainly didn’t go as expected. A video of the dog meat market also drew attention.

Who is Michaela Testa?

Mikaela Testa is an Australian TikTok star. She has 2.2 million followers on TikTok, so she has great fans on TikTok. Mikaela’s content is mostly travel-related videos, where she shares her travels in different places.

Even on Instagram, she has 491k followers, so she has a lot of followers. However, on a recent visit to the Indonesian meat market, she did not live up to the expectations of her followers and others.

Mikaela Testa faces backlash over Indonesian dog meat market video

Like Mikaela was in Indonesia recently. She went on to try the meat market in Indonesia. Meanwhile, details she kept top secret. She decided to visit an Indonesian meat market to try different types of meat. She certainly didn’t like her at all. The Indonesian meat market had all kinds of meat, including monkeys, crocodiles and dogs.

Now, according to the Sirius Global Animal Charitable Trust, eating dog meat is not allowed. The video of Mikaela Testa, which was released at the Indonesian dog meat market, has been criticized on the Internet because it is infected with bacteria such as salmonella and E. coli.

Internet users severely criticized Mikaela Testa’s video. But Testa has now apologized for her filming at the meat market.

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