Instagram influencer Jessica Reed Kraus said she spoke with Johnny Depp when the defamation trial began.

Influencer Jessica Reed Kraus diligently shared news about the defamation case between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard on her Instagram page.

Krauss said he had spoken to Pirates of the Caribbean prior to his recent defamation case.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Influencer Jessica Reed Kraus claims she spoke with Depp before the trial began in April.

Jessica Reed Kraus shared a long message in a Substack post on Tuesday. In the post, the influencer mentioned that he spoke with Johnny Depp for an hour and a half at the start of the six-week trial.

She also added that the 58-year-old actor shared “contemplations on the death of journalism integrity.”

Depp said, ‘I don’t know you, but I do know that you trust you only with the words you use and the aesthetics of your work.’

Kraus said in his post, ‘[Depp] Briefly describe a Rolling Stone article that tore his reputation and undermined his trust in the media. A betrayal from which he has not yet recovered.’

Depp interviewed for a widely read 2018 post. It dealt with the legal and financial issues of the Edward Scissorhands star.

The two claim to have expressed the BAFTA-winning actor’s ‘propensity to trust the wrong person and the problems that it caused him at various times in his life’.

The influencer described Depp’s personality in the conversation between them.

‘In conversation, he appears to be smart, curious, funny and polite,’ she said. It tends to turn into the same character voice you would expect from the Johnny Depp we know on screen. But other than that, he’s humble, unpretentious and incredibly attentive.’

In her post, Kraus noted that the two had formed a bond through a mutual love for the book. She also confirmed that they will often discuss the work of Hunter S. Thompson and David Foster Wallace.

Who is Jessica Reed Krause?

Jessica Reed Kraus witnessed the testimony in the Fairfax County Courthouse. She uploaded daily updates for hundreds of thousands of followers. Her influencers made her own stand by supporting her Johnny Depp.

Kraus has an Instagram account with the handle @houseinhabit. Her support for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory star has been a huge boon for her page.

According to social media stats tracker Socialblade, Kraus’s number of followers doubled in the incident. He currently has less than 1 million followers.

Krauss also shared a detailed version of testimony from a court battle on his Instagram story.



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