Interior design color trends that we will see everywhere in 2022

As a rare coincidence, some of the biggest names in the paint world, including Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, PPG, and Behr, have all picked up the same color as the Color of the Year for 2022. all green this year. “Warm, calm tones such as olive, sage, moss and eucalyptus can be used as the basis for other lively accents in the home. They are neutral in nature,” he says. Valerie stafford, Partner of Rumor Designs, the 2021 HGTV Designer of the Year winner, his team chose a green tint for the custom cabinets, trims and doors of the cabin retreat. Besides paint, there are several more environmentally friendly ways.

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Oak Park Print FTR

Add this year’s tint to your home with these affordable prints. Oak Park (The Deep Olive Landscape of Hannah Winters). Subscription digital downloads are available for printing in various sizes. $20,


The soothing effect of household appliances such as hay‘s George Soden Electric Kettle or MountainHope‘s 5.5 quart ron cast iron casserole– It can bring serenity and freshness to your kitchen. $125,; $300,

Tama Candle FTR

Add warmth to your living room with architectural inspiration. Tama Candle. Infused with essential oils, it has notes of hinoki, spicy patchouli and fresh juniper. $32,

WovenNook Pillowcase Cvr FTR

Accent pillows in earth tones, Olive Basic Pillow Cover, goes well with natural textures and warm woods. $25 for a 26-inch cover;

Custom Bracelet FTR

To inspire and inspire kindness through stackable and shareable bracelets, the Little Words Project offers both custom and off-the-shelf. beaded stretch bracelet With different color combos and phrases like “You Got This”, “Keep Going” and “Strong AF”. $20–$35,

NativeUnion Night Cable FTR

Extra Long in Native Union night cable in Sage makes recharging easy and unobtrusive. A weighted knot also holds the cable in place. $40,

Anthropolgie Tumbler FTR

Drawing a banana leaf pattern on a sea glass color palette Blue Pheasant Peyton Tumbler Glass Set You can add it to your cocktail cart. 6 cups $120,

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