IPA and ISBA Launch Pitch Positive Pledge

The IPA and ISBA have announced the Pitch Positive Pledge, which aims to improve the results of your pitching, including greater transparency, better mental well-being, improved work quality, and reduced costs and waste.

The project brings together two trade associations, their members, procurement experts and intermediaries, focused on creating a more intentional, responsible and responsible pitching process for advertisers and agencies alike. Supported by the suicide prevention charities Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) and Nabs.

The pledge is divided into three parts: before (needs a positive pitch), during (executes a positive pitch) and after (provides a positive resolution). Details of the pledge are posted below.

More than 70 companies have already signed the pledge, including brands like Samsung, Boots, Virgin Media O2, Nationwide Building Society and Nestlé, and PwC, AAR, Wunderman Thompson, Bartle Bogle Hegarty and VCCP (see full list below).

IPA President Julian Douglas said: work out He has several reasons to believe that the Pitch Positive Pledge will prove effective if previous initiatives (such as a pitching guide focused on processes rather than human and environmental factors) have failed.

“The world we live in is very different after lockdown, and there is a lot more awareness and understanding of mental health issues,” Douglas said. “The whole world of work has changed, there is an inflection point, and it is the right time to make it a success.

“Also, this is not an IPA initiative, it is an IPA and an ISBA. We’ve been working with the advertiser community for 7 months and I don’t think there’s ever been a past focused on collaboration to solve this problem.”

Another reason IPAs and ISBAs are confident the Pitch Positive Pledge will be successful is that it is based on changing behavior, not processes.

Andrew Lowdon, ISBA Director of Agency Services, believes that a focus on action is game-changing. work outA special three-part report on pitching this week.

“The Pitch Positive Pledge isn’t trying to change the process by which the pitch runs, it’s trying to make the process more intentional and consistent with better planning, preparation and project management,” he said.

“There is nothing new or burdensome in the pledge, only actions used to make a difference. It’s about finding a way to remind or learn what a good pitching should look like for advertisers and agencies alike. There may be people who may not have lived up to these expectations before for a variety of reasons, but now they can use this industry pledge to refocus themselves.”

Advertisers and brokers were also heavily involved in the development of the pledge.

Nestlé was one of the first advertisers to sign the pledge. Nestlé UK and Ireland Group Marketing Director Alain Duvaud said: We hope that our commitment to the pledge will lead to better marketing outcomes that support our much-loved brands.”

Ingenuity Management Partner Duncan Wood said: work out: “I don’t think anyone starts a bad pitch process or starts to upset people. It’s not that kind of industry. I think we need some light on what good behavior actually means during the pitch process.

“Agency is now much more selective about who they want to work with. Over the past few years, customers have been increasingly asking for help on how to run a fair process, and a recent pitch has asked us to make sure this is consistent with the Pitch Positive Pledge.”

The IPA and ISBA announced plans for the Pitch Positive Pledge in January. work outMay 2021 featured on the agency’s long working culture, highlighting the impact pitching can have on employee well-being.

pitch positive pledge

Agencies and advertisers can sign up for the Pitch Positive Pledge and learn more about what advertisers and agencies need to consider beyond pledge commitments. website of the plan.

Under, work out announced their Pitch Positive Pledge commitments before, during and after the pitch.

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