iPhone 14 rumors are pointing to a price increase, but with good reason.

The launch of the iPhone 14 could see Apple finally taking selfie cameras seriously, but it could be a price that some buyers hate.

According to a Korean news site EST news (Opens in a new tab)The company, the latest in a series of reports on Apple’s supply chain, is looking at the camera module Apple is using for its front snapper.

There is a lot to dig into here. Obviously, Apple will abandon the manufacturer it originally planned to use for these components and instead go with the LG Innotek, which plans to produce a front-facing camera for the iPhone 15 family.

At the same time, Apple has decided to designate this camera as an ‘advanced’ component.

It’s unclear what changes LG’s management will actually bring to the camera. We’ll see some improvement in Apple’s bid for the sensor to have a higher resolution, or to be physically bigger, or for the lens to improve performance.

All of this sounds great to selfie fans. Apple is taking the front-facing camera more seriously and seems to be using parts of the iPhone 14, which are supposed to be for future iPhones. What’s more, reports say these parts mean that the front-facing camera facilitates autofocus. This is a feature that Apple’s selfie snapper did not previously support.

Since iPhones weren’t always the best for selfies, we can fix this. But it also sounds like there is a pitfall.

According to an ET News report, the front-facing camera module currently used in the iPhone 14 is about three times more expensive than the equivalent part used in the iPhone 13 and is a cost that is likely to be passed on to customers. It means mobile can be slightly more expensive than expected.

With the iPhone 14 still a few months away, we’ll have to wait until launch (most likely mid-September) to see if the phone can actually get a big selfie camera upgrade, and if that’s reflected in the price.

Analysis: It’s not the only upgrade.

Not only are the iPhone 14’s front-facing cameras expected to improve, but we’re hearing about redesigns in this area as well.

Many rumors and renderings suggest that the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Plus, which will be the two top-of-the-line models in the family of four phones that retain their shape from the past, will not have the same notch as the previous iPhones, as seen in previous renders. Instead, it has a punch-hole cutout to accommodate the front-facing camera, as many Android phones do.

We assumed that this change was made to make the iPhone look more attractive. The notch is very outdated. But perhaps it’s to facilitate new sensors or lenses as well, and we’re all in favor of Apple naming the front-facing camera as a low-priority component.

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