Iranian officials accused Israel of organ harvesting from Arab children

In a modern-day bloody slander, Iranian officials appeared on public television and lectured foreign students to question the Holocaust, claimed Hitler was Jewish, and Israel sexually abused Arab children for wealthy “Westerns” and accused of extracting ” and “Zionist-Jew”.

Last month, Iranian TV broadcasts were first seen questioning the Holocaust and the number of Jewish victims of Iran’s conservative public speaker Hassan Rahimpur-Azgadi.

“[Israelis] We are relying on the killings of Jews in Europe by Germany and Hitler in World War II,” he says. “Let’s assume it actually happened, without asking questions like whether this actually happened or whether six million Jews were killed in crematoriums. Where did the number six million come from?”

“And even if 6 million Jews were slaughtered; 70 million, 80 million and 100 million Christians were also killed,” he added. “Anyway, Europe is, as you know, the most barbaric continent in the world.”

Rahimpur-Azgadi, a member of Iran’s Supreme Council for the Cultural Revolution for nearly two decades, has long made inaccurate claims that Adolf Hitler was a Jew. Nazi.

“I want to say something you don’t believe. I recently read a study and saw that Hitler was of Jewish origin. He said he was born to a Jew.

In a subsequent speech, Rahimpur-Azgadi accuses Israel of using “spare parts” from Arab children to supply “rich Westerners” with organs for costly transplants.

“You know, in recent years [Israelis] They take Palestinian children and Iraqi, Syrian and Yemeni children and use them as spare parts for wealthy Europeans, Americans and Zionist Jews,” he said. “They harvest organs, freeze them, and use Palestine, Iraq, Syria and Yemen when a child of a wealthy westerner has kidney, heart, lung or eye problems and needs spare parts. Muslim children.”

“Recently, several child abduction cases have been exposed,” he added. “Thousands of children have lost their lives recently. [wars] in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Palestine.”

Rahimpur-Azgadi also said Israel took Arab children “to military bases of sexual abuse”.

Iran, the world’s largest sponsor of terrorism, has long spread anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism and anti-American propaganda, and Iranian leaders often deny the Holocaust or threaten the existence of the Jewish state.

Last year, the Simon Wiesenthal Center report Iran took first place in the annual “Top 10 Global Anti-Semitism” list.

September Iranian military spokesman Brigadier General Abolfazl Shekarchi Confirm While emphasizing that the United States is the Republic of Iran’s greatest enemy, he underscored Iran’s promise to eliminate the Jewish state.

Nonetheless, the current nuclear talks in Vienna could see the United States and other major powers offering economic sanctions relief to Iran in exchange for temporary restrictions on its nuclear program.

Former State Department official says President Joe Biden agrees to restore the imminent Iran nuclear deal proposal The North Korean regime is approaching $90 billion in foreign exchange reserves and easing sanctions against the world’s worst terrorists.

In addition to being awarded hundreds of billions of dollars, it is likely to be used for terrorism and aggression. The agreement will also not prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

Russia’s special envoy for the Iran nuclear deal in March admit Iran said it “got a lot more than expected” from the recent nuclear deal.

Assemblyman Ilhan Omar (D-MN) earlier this week meteor support For an immediate settlement of the Iran deal, which she claimed would stop the Middle East conflict.

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