Is Kanye West Obsessed with Hitler? Because the rapper wanted to name their 2018 album after a Nazi leader

Kanye West, dubbed Ye, wanted to name her 2018 album after Adolf Hitler and was obsessed with the Nazi leader, CNN detailed Thursday. The rapper faced tremendous aftermath with his anti-Semitic remarks. Four sources told CNN that Kanye West wanted to name their 2018 album Hitler, but used the name Ye anyway. A former executive who worked with Kanye West made it clear that Kanye West liked Hitler, how surprising it was that the dictator had the option to gather that power, and that he would discuss all the extraordinary things he had to do with the dictator. praised. And the Nazis achieved it for the German public.

The executive spoke of Kanye West perusing Hitler’s book Mein Kampf and respecting the propaganda of the Nazi leader, and said Kanye West’s interest in Hitler was noteworthy in his inner circle. After Adidas severed ties with Kanye West on Tuesday, Forbes estimated his present value by $2 billion to $400 million. West made vague and xenophobic remarks last month, including claiming that he wanted to kill Jews. As a result, some of his biggest corporate collaborators, including Adidas, Gap and Balenciaga, have cut ties with him.

Rapper Kanye West was obsessed with Hitler and wanted to name his 2018 album Ye after the Nazi leader.

The rapper has recently been harshly criticized for making defamatory comments about the Jews, which has resulted in the rapid termination of many lucrative business partnerships. However, according to a CNN report released on Thursday, Kanye West, who legally changed her name to Ye, had a series of experiences of discrimination against Jews. A self-proclaimed “God’s Most Notable Artist”, an anonymous corporate executive said the album needed to be named after Nazi Party leader Adolf Hitler. He said how amazing it was that Hitler had the option to gather so much power and he would discuss all the amazing things he and the Nazi Party had accomplished for the German public.” A source told CNN. Four other sources certify that designer Yeezy initially recommended the title Hitler for the 2018 album, and in the long run, the title Ye. Kanye West allegedly further spoke transparently about reading Hitler’s 1925 autobiographical manifesto Mein Kampf.

A source who went in a different direction from the West in the process of justified settlement of labor environment protests, including Badger, said the inner circles knew he was obsessed with Hitler. The 45-year-old father of four appears to have further shared his cult of the Nazi Party and their nefarious propaganda. Recently, Universal Music Group, the owner of Island Def Jam Music Group, confirmed that their long-term relationship with West ended a year ago. The ten album deal was satisfactory with the arrival of ‘Turnda’ in 2021, named after his mother. There is no place for Jewish discrimination in our general public. We are committed to combating discrimination against Jews and prejudice of all types, the global music group said in a statement. On Thursday, Kanye West said German-owned apparel apparel company Adidas and others lost $2 billion a day after breaking up with the rapper.

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